How To Test Your Article For Plagiarism

With the increased reach of the Web in the different corners of the world, plagiarism or copying content has also gained almost an identical speed. However, as people say that one can easily copy but cannot hide it, it becomes highly critical for you to check for plagiarism to save your reputation. It is just like becoming a teacher who detects the copycats during an exam. In comparison with the teacher who can miss such detection unintentionally, you certainly cannot afford miss to check your articles either unintentionally or unintentionally.

If you do so, just recall the latest incident of how Google Panda exploited many article directories for having unoriginal content. Therefore, keeping in mind the strict rules of Google for plagiarism that can badly hit your articles online, it is inevitable for you to use a plagiarism checker.

A plagiarism checker is a tool that has the power of not only highlighting the copied series of text in between the paragraphs, but also of showing the reference site from where you copied the same along with the number of copied words. Now, this is of utmost help to both the writers as well as reviewers.

If you do not want your article to suffer from the bad effects of plagiarism catch, make sure you use a plagiarism checker. These days, you will come across many checkers online, which offer free, paid, or both free as well as paid services. Here are the top three plagiarism checkers that you as a writer can use online at no cost.

Plagiarism Checker

This plagiarism checker offers both free as well as paid services and mainly targets content duplication in academia. Therefore, it is useful for students and professors. Its unique feature is the set of three programs that aid not only in detecting plagiarism, but also in avoiding it. One of them teaches about how to avoid duplication, while the other screens the custom articles. By the way, this is the oldest plagiarism tool online.

Plagiarism Detect

Offering paid and free services, this plagiarism checker targets articles as well as Web sites for academic and corporate content. It checks for plagiarism as per the rules of search engines. If you want to access it for free, you only need to register with it. However, the free plagiarism checker considers only .doc and .txt files.

Some complementary benefits of using this tool are more than 10 articles upload at once for checking, detection of encoding plagiarism wherein a writer alters an English letter to a Cyrillic equivalent, detailed reports of plagiarism including the percentage of copy and number of words copied, and plug-in for MS Word 2007 to offer real time checking as you type. Although it is more suitable for online articles, you can also use it for the offline ones.

Doccop Plagiarism Checker 

This plagiarism checker verifies the articles or documents of up to 100,000 words simultaneously.

It has the capacity of comparing eight .doc or .pdf files against one another according to the specified series (number) of words called string length.