How To Track Twitter Clicks in Google Analytics

Twitter is a pioneering social networking service when it comes to tweeting and promoting your websites, blogs and articles. However, there are other services that are also available and do the same as Twitter does – tweeting your posts.

The presence of other services apart from Twitter makes it hard to make out which traffic is coming from Twitter. TweetDeck, EasyTweets or iPhone apps are some other alternatives of Twitter.

How to Track Twitter Clicks in Google Analytics

If the traffic were on a site, the analytics would show up on the site, as it would be a referring domain. However, if the visitors are using any app like TweetDesk, then the Google analytics classifies it as direct traffic. Therefore, this is where it is important to know the source of your traffic. Let it be one of the campaigns in Google Analytics.

URL tagging is a feature in the Google Analytics where you can keep a track of your traffic more accurately. For URL tagging, you will need the following information:

Source (utm_source)

If anyone has searched a certain term, found your link and clicked it too (in the Google search result’s page), in this case, Google is your source. This is the origin of the referral to that website.

Medium (utm_medium)

This provides information regarding the origin of that referral along with the source. In case you are using Google AdWords, again Google is the source.

Campaign (utm_campaign)

It is one of the dimensions to distinguish the product promotions. Now let us move toward tracking Twitter clicks with the help of Google Analytics. Follow the steps given below for the same.

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How to Track Twitter Clicks in Google Analytics

Log on to your Google Analytics account and navigate towards Google URL Builder Web page.

In the next step, paste the link of the site you wish to exercise in Twitter. For this, you will have to use the “Website URL” field. There will be three fields for you to fill up namely, “Campaign Name,” “Campaign Medium” and “Campaign Source”. Remember these are the mandatory fields so you will have to fill them up. Use appropriate names for your campaign.

generate url

The next step requires you to click on the “Generate URL” button. After generating the URL, select it and copy the entire contents by pressing CTRL+C at the same time.

Now go to Twitter and paste this copied URL into a message. However, before that you can use a URL shortening service. There are many services out there – and being the more common and popular of the lot. These will automatically shorten your lengthy URLs for you. Now, you need to wait for the reports in Google Analytics.

To view the reports, go back to the Google Analytics reports page to see the traffic emanating from Twitter link. This is the same link mentioned in the previous step.

How to Use the URL Shortening Services

For this, you will have to register and create an account with any URL shortening service. Some URL shortening services are free and do not need any prior registration and tinyurl is one of them. Navigate to “Account Settings” and click “Link to Twitter”.

URL Shortening Services

After that, you will need to authorize that service by clicking on “Authorize”. Paste the web site link to shorten the URL. You can choose to put in any message with this link. Finally, click on “Send” or “Share”.