How To Transfer Camcorder Video to DVD

Many people want to convert their camcorder video to DVD directly without wasting any space on the hard disk. But most of them have no clue how to do it. It can be achieved if you follow some simple rules. In some respects DVD camcorders are pretty nice.

They are much more convenient with the feature of recording, editing and burning at the same time. Thus it is viewed with the help of the DVD player or you can watch it in the camcorder only. Usually after the conversion takes place, the extension format of the recording is MPEG or MPEG2 or MPEG 4. Usually people do not transfer the video to the secondary memory nowadays and then copy it.

They just do it directly from the camcorder. But it can still be done if you just export it to the secondary memory. By following those simple steps, you will able to burn camcorder videos to DVD directly and enjoy watching DVD in your home only. For the transfer, you will need a camcorder in which you have recorded the video, a blank DVD disk and a computer or laptop with a recordable DVD driver/DVD writer.

Connecting With Your PC

Firstly, connect your camcorder to your pc. For this, you will need a pc with IEEE1398 port, probably with windows XP or windows 2000. For the transfer procedure to be normal and without any hazard, your pc needs to have enough space, a minimum of 256MB RAM is needed. It should have a minimum free hard disk space of 5GB. Connect the IEEE1394 cable of your camcorder to the IEEE1394 port of your pc.  Turn the camcorder on and change the mode of your camcorder to VCR mode. If your pc does not have any IEEE1394 port, then you will have to purchase an IEEE1394 card and install it on your pc.

Tracking Your Camcorder

Visit the internet search engines and search for the camcorder video to DVD converting softwares. After you have found them out, install it on to your PC. Now plug your camcorder with your PC via the USB slot. Check for the extra drive in your “My Computer”. Transfer the videos and open the software which you want to use for the conversion to take place. Check for the DVD Burn option in your application menu. If it is there, then click on it.

Burning the DVD

If you feel that there is a need to create a DVD menu, select DVD menu template and browse around to add background images and music from your machine or laptop. After the DVD has been made, name it and set the video quality. The DVD disk type is also to be mentioned. A DVD-RW disc will need you to provide the burning speed. Select the burning speed according to your need. The speed can be adjusted to 1x, 2x, 3x or 4x. After all the additional requirements are done, press on the Start button to begin with the procedure.

Now since all the procedures for converting camcorder video to DVD are over, take the DVD and play it with your DVD player!