How to Transfer Video from a Mini DV Cassette to a DVD

Mini DV conversion is mainly done to attain more memory space for video files that will not only hold large video files but do the same for a longer period of time. Mini DV was basically used to store small sized video files. Mini Digital Video or Mini DV as it is known was rage and a hit in the consumer market as soon as it was released in the 1990’s. It had a typical signifying structure to boast. Its width is about two and a half inches, its height nearly about two inches and an approximate length of half inches.

What Are The Reasons Behind Converting a Mini DV Cassette to a DVD?

The simple reason behind converting a Mini DV cassette to a DVD is the availability of loads of space that we get in case of a DVD as compared to a Mini DV. However, there are many more advantages that the DVD’s possess over the Mini DV’s and hence the conversion.

Some of the advantages that DVD’s have are that they are easier to maintain when it comes to quality and easier to convert too. DVD’s are easier to manipulate and play as compared to a Mini DV. They can easily accommodate a lot of video space as compared to a Mini DV.

Ways To Convert a Mini DV Cassette to a DVD?

Ever since converting a Mini DV cassette to a DVD began, there have been many ways to achieve this feat. But there are mainly two ways that are usually followed by videographers all over the world. The first is the conversion which is done with the help of DVD recorders and of course by using the computers. When dealing with camcorders it is a must to have few connectors for the video. But when using a computer none of these connectors are generally required.  IEEE 1394 is necessary when dealing with computers.

Transfer a Mini DV to a PC and Then to a DVD:

Firstly we have to transfer this to our computer with the help of IEEE 1394 cable connector. Then we need to include the Windows Movie Maker software to aid us in our task. This software is available with most modern Windows operating system. Then we have to follow the necessary steps and save our video clips on the computer. Next we need is the DVD image creator software which is capable of converting any video format.

The above process is the most efficient, effective and also the most trust worthy when considering the conversion of a mini DV cassette to a DVD. Although using camcorders directly will allow you to save more time, it involves usage of a large number of cable connectors namely Fire wires.

As the world is advancing and moving ahead day by day so is the technology. More and more advanced technology is replacing its older counterparts. So converting a Mini DV cassette to a DVD is a step in the right direction especially for all the videographers out there.