How To Troubleshoot a Portable DVD

Many people find the concept of portable DVD players handy because they are a great way of keeping the kids occupied during long distance travels. However, it can be quite an exasperating experience of your portable DVD player stops functioning while you are out on a vacation.

In this article we will tell you some of the ways in which you can fix your non-functioning DVD player before getting it fixed in an electronics repair shop.

To Fix Your Portable DVD player You Will Require:

  • Non-rusted safety pin
  • A wad of cotton
  • Paperclips and
  • Cleaning disc

Steps To Troubleshoot Your Portable DVD Player

1. Many times the DVD player fails to recognize the presence of a disc and displays “NO DISC”. Clean the disc using the cotton ball often the DVD player will not read the disc correctly if it is dirty.

2. If the screen shows the picture with increased or decrased dimensions then check for the DVD picture settings. Many times the DVD player is set up for viewing widescreen movies; if a regular proportion movie is played the DVD will stretch the picture to fit the screen. Your DVD player may also squeeze wide screen movies to fit the regular dimensions.

3. Sometimes the DVD gets stuck the DVD player and refuses to play. When you press the eject button the tray will not open. You can manually eject the DVD by putting in a safety pin or a paperclip in the DVD tray. Once the tray opens, place the DVD properly in the tray again and try playing it.

4. Many times the DVD player will not function because its batteries have become discharged. In such case the player will not even power on. Recharge the batteries by plugging the DVD player to an electric point. Wait for ten minutes and try switching it on. If the player still refuses to work then you need to put new batteries in it.

5. Always carry a cleaning disc with you. This will take care of problems like picture freezing. Simply run a cleaning disc before using the DVD player. Cleaning discs are sold at all shops that sell DVDs and DVD players. If the cleaning disc doesn’t work then the player will require professional cleaning.

6. Carry the number of the shop that you purchased the DVD player from. Some brands also have customer care centers where you can call and take tips on troubleshooting a non-working DVD player. Your shopkeeper or customer care executive will take you step-by-step to find out the cause of the problem and solve it.

7. You can also go online and check the site of the brand you have purchased. Check the troubleshooting steps for your particular model of DVD player.

Things to Remember:

Never touch the lens of the DVD player with your fingers. The dirt and germs on your skin can damage the lens. Use a soft micro fiber-cloth or cotton ball for cleaning the lens.

Sometimes simply changing the DVD will do the trick. In many cases it is the disc, rather than the player, that causes the problem.