How To Troubleshoot Insignia TV

Like all electronics, your television set can also experience problems in the long run. This is true for even televisions of quality brands like Insignia. Normally, an Insignia product is known for its quality. However, an Insignia TV may encounter problems like all electronics products do.
Some common problems associated with Insignia TV are bad cable connection, poor picture quality on the display screen, video input settings and even magnetization of the TV set. The problems you face while running your Insignia TV can be easily taken care of once you have identified the issue. In fact you can take care of the problems yourself with some simple troubleshooting steps.

1. Before you begin thinking about calling the TV technician, check if the TV cable is properly plugged in to the power point. Also check whether or not all the cable connections between the TV and the power source are secure. Sometimes, a loose connection can make the TV non-functional.

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2. Notice if the screen of your Insignia TV displays moving white dots or not. The dots are accompanied with a peculiar sound that only TV sets can make. Many times we might feel that the coaxial cable is well connected because it does not show a disconnection. However, it may still require harder fastening into the cable port. If the coaxial cable is not securely inside the port, it can cause distorted images on the display screen of your Insignia TV. This display is referred to as the ‘snow’. Once the coaxial cable is well-fitted in its port, the noise you hear (along with the ‘snow’ display) will disappear.

3Look up the A/V cables. These are the cables that connect the satellite’s receiving end with a port found at the back side of the Insignia TV. On either end of the A/V cables are a set of prongs. The color for the prongs is red, white and yellow, both at the back of the TV and at the back of the cable that receives satellite signals. Check if the A/V cables are in their correct ports by matching the colors.

4. Check whether the video input for your Insignia TV has been switched off or not. Many times we turn on the video input while using a gaming console or a DVD player. Switching on the video input helps in proper display of the content given in the device. Many times people forget switching on the TV input; your video input unit will not help display cable/satellite channels. The “Input” button is on the remote. Use the button to switch on the TV cable/satellite input.

5. Check if there are any blotches on the display screen of your Insignia TV. Many times it happens that TVs (especially those with big screens) react to the magnetic presence of electronic devices placed near them. The magnetization results in blotches. A magnetic coil can solve this problem. Demagnetize the TV by waving a magnetic coil in circles in front of the screen of your Insignia TV. This will correct the display of pictures.