How To Turn Off The Annoying Windows XP System Beeps

Most of us tend to work daily on computers in office as well as at home. If you are using Windows XP since a considerable period, you must have surely faced those irksome system beeps. Even you will agree with the fact that these system beeps drive one wild if she or he is using the PC or laptop for a prolonged time during the day.

The most annoying beeps occur while using the Volume control, hitting a wrong key, and during the display of an error dialog box. Even more irritating is the fact that none of these causal factors are totally under your control, except for pressing the wrong key.

However, there is a solution to get rid of these system beeps. In fact, there are three ways to disable the system beeps. Let us check them out now!

Turn Off The System Beeps By Using The User-Friendly Device Manager

We all are aware of the Device Manager that is accessible by right-clicking My Computer on the Desktop, selecting Properties, clicking the Hardware tab, and clicking the Device Manager button.

Once you do so, the tool lists all the devices except for the hidden ones. However, to disable the system beeps, you need to unhide these devices by clicking Show hidden devices from the View menu on the menu bar. This will make Non-Plug and Play Drivers visible in the list.

Now, you need to expand this node, right-click Beep, and select Properties. After right-clicking, you might see a prompt asking for rebooting. However, you must not reboot and right-click the node again for clicking Properties. This will display the Beep Properties dialog box.

Next, click the Driver tab, select the Startup type as Disabled, and hit the Stop button. Performing these steps should disable the beep speaker of the system. However, it might not affect the volume control beep. To stop the volume control beep, you need to check out the next method.

Turn Off The System Beeps By Using The Comprehensible Control Panel

Do you remember the Sound and Control Devices option in the Control Panel? Well, you have to recall, as this will help you to switch off the system beeps including the volume control beep.

You just need to open it, click the Sounds tab, locate as well as select Default Beep in the list of Program events, select None from the Sounds drop-down list that is available at the bottom, and click the Apply button. If you wish, you can disable the other sounds in this manner by selecting the corresponding options in the Program events list.

Turn Off The System Beeps By Using The Complex Registry

First, you must access the Run dialog box and enter regedit to open the registry. Once it is opened, the next step for you is to navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Sound key.

This will display the related DWORD values on the right side. You then need to spot Beep, double-click it, and alter the value of Value data text box to no.