How To Turn Up a Graphics Card Fan

Every electronic system generates heat while at work. Some electronic components like processors are overheated very quickly because of their high power consumption & very complex electronics architecture. This extra heat is very harmful for the device. It could burn it out.

So we need a heat sinker. It is nothing but an aluminum structure with a fan. Since the modern processor is more up to date and efficient than the old one, so is its power consuming capacity. The size of the processors doesn’t increase as much as their power increases. That kind of device need heat sinker & cooling mechanism.

If you enter into BIOS setup by pressing DEL key when the booting procedure starts, you can notice that the fan speed varies in different devices. More fan speed means more cooling power. For more cooling power some companies use liquid cooling system. This system is quite effective.

Graphic cards these days come with a cooling fan. If we overuse it, it tends to get overheated; so to cool it properly and for it to function properly, a system is available to boost up the speed of your fan. Probably you have heard of the term “over clocking”. It is used to speed up the clock speed of your GPU, so your fan can count fast & turn faster.


Depending to your card manufacturer the process is different, but the basic idea or working style is the same. Someone called it, “control panel”, someone “Setup panel” or someone “Control centre” technically meaning are same, here I told about some leading cards.

NVIDIA cards: To turn up the Fan of a Graphics Card you need a driver software which will do the main work. You can download it from your manufacturer’s website. NVIDIA has a separate control panel for this. After installing all of this, you need to restart your computer. First Go to NVIDIA control panel by right clicking into your desktop, then click to “Performance”. Go to “Device Settings”.

Now select the GPU (Graphics processing Unit). Now it’s the time of selecting your fan speed. By doing so go to “Cooling” & select your fans speed. Remember some models use over clocking term, don’t worry all are the same. For doing so you can notice some figures like 46 GPU, 42 ambient, fan temperature 50%. These are actually your current configuration of graphics card.

Now a message will appear on your screen, “Would you like to load the saved settings at Windows start up” Click “YES”.

ATI: The procedure of turning up of fan of an ATI graphics card is little bit different from the first one. First download the software from website. Make sure you choose your card model properly & download latest software. Now first right click into desktop & select open “ATI Catalyst control centre” from drop down list.

After selecting a new window will appear. Select Advance into it. Now select “ATI override”/ “over clocking”. Now another option will appear on your screen, select “Enable manual fan control” Now click “OK” button to confirm & applying the changes. Restart your computer & you will find that your changes worked!

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