How To Update An Outdated Internet Browser

Internet Explorer is a web browser that was introduced by Microsoft in the commercial market. Today, the Internet Explorer enjoys immense popularity among the web users. However, it is important to keep updating the browser in order to keep pace with the latest technologies used over the web.

Almost every year Microsoft launches a new version of the Internet Explorer and it’s recommended that the users update to the latest version. This helps you avoid crashes and errors while you use the Internet. Also, outdated software applications can cause serious damage to the software of your system. Besides, downloading and installing the new version of Internet Explorer does not take more than 10 minutes.

The Internet Explorer has in-built software system which automatically prompts you to upgrade the browser every time a new version is released. However, this software may malfunction at times. Therefore, the users must install the latest version of the Internet Explorer by downloading it from the Internet directly and then uploading it manually.

The method of downloading and uploading the web browser may be different for different operating systems. But the entire installation process is more or less the same for all the browsers.

Let us take a look at some of the ways in which we can update the Internet Browser for different browser systems.

How To Update The IE In Mozilla Firefox:

Go to the Firefox browser symbol and double click on it to open. Click on the “Help” tab – “Check for Updates”. You can find the “Help” tab on the right hand top corner of the windows. Clicking on “Check for updates” will give you a new dialog box where you can check the new updates for Internet Explorer.

If the IE has been updated you will find the new version here. You will also be prompted to follow the steps in order to install the new version. Select the “Update Firefox” tab. Clicking on the tab will take care of the upgrade of Firefox. You might also have to restart your system in order to complete the installation process.

How To Update The IE In Google Chrome:

In order to update the Internet Explorer on Google Chrome you will have to first open the browser window. At the top right corner of the Google Chrome window is a wrench icon; select the icon by clicking on it. Now click on “About Google Chrome” tab.

This will automatically let you know if the latest version of Internet Explorer is available or not for Chrome. If the new version of IE is available, the windows will prompt you to click the “Update Google Chrome” tab. You will be required to restart the Google Chrome browser once the update is complete.

How To Update The IE In Windows:

Open the Internet Explorer browser by double clicking on the IE icon. Select “Tools” given on the top left corner of the browser. Now go to “Windows Update”. Clicking on “Windows Update” will directly take you to a Microsoft web page.

Here your system will be automatically checked for the latest updates. Choose the updates you want to install from the “Custom” button. Here you will find the latest updates for Internet Explorer as well. After the installation process gets over you will be required to re-start the IE browser window.