How To Upgrade Your Computer

With the advent of newer software technologies, it is important that computer hardware must be upgraded to maintain the compatibility between hardware and software. Apart from recently introduced software applications, computer games too require extra memory as well as enhanced animation capabilities.

It is not always prudent to sell off your old computer because upgrading can be one of the best and safest options to keep yourself sentient about latest development taking place in the field of computer. You can upgrade your personal computer after minimum of eighteen months.

Tip To Upgrade RAM (Random Access Memory) & Power Component

New operating systems pre-installed on most of the personal computers require greater capacity of random access memory. For running basic application programs, minimum two gigabytes of RAM is essential. Upgrading RAM will make your computer function faster, thereby reducing both time and power cost.

Tips To Upgrade Computer

It has been observed that while upgrading other parts of computer, power component is not upgraded as per the upgraded computer system. Power component provides electric power so that all the peripherals and motherboard are able to function without any encumbrance. So, besides upgrading internal components of your computer, make sure that you verify all the vital parameters of power components so that it provides balanced electric charge to the computer.

Upgrading Video Card

Video card for a computer system falls under two categories. First is the in-built video card which is provided by the manufacturer. Second is the additional video card that is often installed to enhance the graphic capabilities of the system.

Tips To Upgrade Computer

Prior to upgrading your video card, make sure that you have verified to aspects. First aspect is the compatibility of your new video card with the previously installed video card and second aspect is the actual physical memory required by it.

Adding Compact Disc Drive

Some computers don’t come with drive slots for compact disc popularly known as CD. You can upgrade your computer by installing a separate CD RW (compact disc read write) drive.

Tips To Upgrade Computer

This drive first reads the entire data to be recorded and then write data on its shiny surface. Now-a-days, different type of data is written by laser beam located on the CD RW drive. With installation of this particular drive, you’ll be able to record images, music, video files on a CD and store voluminous data on its surface.

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Notes Of Caution

Prior to upgrading one or multiple components of your computer, make sure that you have checked the compatibility of peripherals attached to your computer system with the products being installed as a part of system enhancement. Failure to do so might bring forth several complicated compatibility issues and render many input and output devices ineffective.

It is also very crucial to thoroughly remove dust particles from the fan located inside central processing unit since dust particles can hinder proper functioning of the fan which in turn can interfere with the normal booting of entire computer system. Sometimes automatic upgrading options are provided free of cost either through the operating system or by computer manufacturer.