How To Upload Home Movies To YouTube

Movie making isn’t just for film makers anymore. With the latest achievements in digital photography and recording, anyone could zoom through a camcorder/camera to capture those fun-filled moments in minutes. Recording videos and editing them with the supported software wouldn’t sound as a task even to an amateur.

However, what next? Sharing these videos through popular video sharing sites could be the answer that immediately pops into many minds. YouTube being one of the most popular video sharing site, it is accessed by millions of users which are increasing in number day after day. Uploading these videos on YouTube is simple yet tricky as there are several factors you need to keep in mind. We have simplified this by penning down with run down on how to upload home movies to YouTube.

Supported Video Formats:

Now, file format compatibility is something you should look for. YouTube can recognize a set of file formats. If your recorded video doesn’t adhere to it then you may not be able to upload the video. The list of compatible file formats is inclusive of MPEG, 3GPP, MOV, WebM, MPEGPS, AVI, WMV and FLV.

File Conversion:

Most of the camcorders come with the supported software that enables it simple to connect and transfer the home movie onto your PC. If your video is in the AVCHD format or does not fall in any of the above mentioned file category then fret not. Using third party convertors, it is quite simple to convert your movie to bear one of the aforementioned file formats.

YouTube Upload:

Once your video is ready in the appropriate file format, uploading can be done with ease. YouTube is a free video service and you don’t need to pay for signing in. First, you will have to set up an account by filling a usual form which requires one to have a Gmail account. Then, a page asking for details about the video emerges. One will have to fill in the spaces for title, description of the video, related tags and also the category that the video fits in best. Filling in this information enables your video to reach searches effectively.

The upload button lets you browse through files and upload the desired video. This could take some time depending upon the video size and the user’s internet connection.  The movie should be maintained less than 2GB.

YouTube button:

The new-gen camcorders have been built keeping in mind the latest fad among tech enthusiasts. So, next time you are transferring the video onto the PC, check for the direct upload to YouTube button that most of the software that tag along with camcorders bundle up. This means the camcorder directly supports the YouTube format and with a single click of the button would help add your video to the YouTube community.

Needless to say, internet connection is a must. The latest devices are also accompanied by movie making and editing software to further add to your convenience.

The quality of the video may differ depending upon the conversion (if converted) or other factors that affect your video. These handy tips shouldn’t make you wonder about how to upload home videos to YouTube.