How To Upload iPhone Photos to Google+

Many new social networking sites have taken a center-stage now, thereby reducing the popularity of Orkut and its services. To combat this downfall, Google introduced the concept of Google+ that has recently taken over the market fast.

However, there is a lot of progress happening on the way and users of Google+ are eagerly waiting for something new and innovative from Google.

iPhone Photos to GooglE PLUS

Latest in the discussion is how to upload photos to Google+. While Google is still waiting for an approval to launch their Google+ iOS application for uploading photos to the Google+ account, Android phone users had already found their way for uploading photos through their supported technology and applications. However, now it is the turn of iPhone users, who have found a great way to reach the same goal. If you are an iPhone user and you have been finding ways to upload you most exciting and memorable photos to your Google+ account, you just need to follow a few simple steps to get started.

Requirements for Uploading iPhone Photos to Google+

When you intend to upload your preserved photos to Google+ to share them with the world the way you want, you need to keep certain requirements ready. An active Google+ account, an iOS device with integrated iOS 4.0 application, and the Piconhand feature of Picasa. These are the primary requirements to be able to upload iPhone photos to Google+.

Steps to Upload iPhone photos to your Google Account

Once you have the basic requirements ready, you are all set to get started. In the first step, go to the App Store from where you can download and install Piconhand application. This application helps in synchronizing your Google+ account with Picasa. Once you have installed Piconhand, you need to make sure the location services for Piconhand is active or ON. You can double-check this by clicking “Settings” and then clicking “Location Services” where you can find Piconhand displaying its status as “ON”.

Now you can launch Piconhand and then log on to your Google+ account to allow Piconhand and your account to sync up.

using piconhand

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You are now at a stage where you only need to select what photos you want to share from your iPhone. Create a new album and name it as you desire.

create a new album

Now on Piconhand, you can find an Upload button. Click this button to upload all your photos that you select from your iPhone. Click the Start button to get the selected photos uploaded to Picasa. You can see a progress bar for each of the photo that finishes as the photos are uploaded one by one.

photos uploading progress bar

Now you have your favorite photos on Picasa album. Wondering where are they in your Google+ account ?

Remember that your Google+ account is synced up with Picasa via Piconhand. So, you can find the same photo album on your Google+ account. It is time for you now to add new photos to the same album or modify the settings, visibility, and preferences of the uploaded photos on your Google+ account.

Uploading iPhone photos to Google+ account has become so simple now without users having to wait for Google to come up with their new iOS application.