How To Upload Really Large Files to SkyDrive, Drop box, or Email

Many of us face problems in sending or sharing bigger files with our friends or clients. If you are one among them, then there is a solution to this problem. This article provides an overview of how to upload really large files to SkyDrive, drop box or email.

Upload Really Large Files to SkyDrive, Dropbox, or Email

Every option to send files, either if it is through email or drop box  or SkyDrive has its own limits. If one needs to send a file through email, only a maximum of 25 MB file may be uploaded. Similarly, with SkyDrive, only a maximum of 50 MB files may be uploaded and with drop box, a maximum of 300 MB files may be uploaded and shared. But there are a couple of ways to send bigger files through the aforesaid avenues.

Compressing the Files

The first way of sending or sharing a bigger file through email, drop box or SkyDrive is by compressing the file. For compressing the file, a free compressing software by name, 7- zip may be used.

shrink the file

By compressing the file using 7-zip software, the file size may be reduced to bring the file into the higher upload limit so that it can be sent or shared through email, drop box or SkyDrive.

Splitting the Bigger File into Smaller Files

The second way of sending or sharing bigger files through email, drop box or sky drive is by splitting the files. Splitting the files may be achieved by using the free software, 7-zip. The steps involved in splitting the files are as follows. First and foremost, one has to select the file that has to be split.

split the file

Then one has to right click on the file. Out of the many options that appear, one has to select the split option. After clicking on the split option, a dialog box will pop up asking for selecting the size of the split files.

size of split files

After providing the size, the process of splitting the bigger file into smaller files will start automatically.

splitting files into smaller files

After a few minutes, the bigger file will be split into smaller files. These smaller files may be uploaded and shared through email, SkyDrive or drop box.

Combining The Smaller Files Into a Single One

The smaller files that has been sent or shared via email, SkyDrive or drop box may be combined into a single file by proceeding along the following steps. Firstly, the smaller files have to be saved into a single folder. Then the folder has to be selected using the 7-zip software.

combining files

Right click on the first smaller file and select the combine files option. Once the combine files option is selected, the 7-zip software will automatically detect the other smaller files and combine it into the original bigger file.

combine files

Following the aforesaid methods will ensure that one sends or shares bigger files easily.

7-zip is fantastic software that enables one to compress a file and send it or split into smaller files, send it and then combine and obtain the original file back.

7-zip to combine files

With the use of this software, the problems that one faces while sending and receiving bigger files is gone forever.