How To Use Drop box with an Android Phone

Drop box is a free file sharing protocol founded by Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston in the year 2007. Drop box is available free of cost and enables a user to send or share files at ease at a click of a button between computers or phones eliminating the hassle of emailing the files.

This article provides an insight into how to use drop box in one’s Android powered phone.

Downloading and Setting up Drop Box

Drop box app for android may be downloaded and installed from the drop box website or by QR code scan. After installing the drop box app in one’s android phone, a prompt will appear asking to create a drop box account, if the user is new to drop box or to log on with an existing drop box account, in case of an existing user.

installing drop box

After logging onto the drop box account, one will be able to view all their files and folders that were saved in their drop box folder in their computer or phone. In order to open those files and folders, one has to tap on them.

my dropbox login

Uploading and Sharing Files

If one wishes to upload files to the drop box folder, tap on the upload option in the menu section of the drop box folder. A prompt will appear asking for the type of the file to be uploaded.

uploading files

After the type of file is chosen, one has to choose the location of the file and then the file will start uploading on to the drop box folder.

type of file to upload

After the upload is complete, one will be able to see those files through any of one’s devices in which drop box has been installed anywhere across the globe.

uploading dropbox file

To share a file, one has to tap and hold the file to be shared. A prompt will appear with the various options. One has to choose the option – share.

sharing a file Then another prompt will appear asking for – if to share a file or to share a link.

share a link or file

After one chooses anyone of the aforesaid option, again a prompt will appear requesting for the method of delivery i.e., if the link or file has to be shared via email or Facebook or messenger.

methods to share

Once the method of delivery is selected, the recipient of the file or link will receive an email with instructions on how to view the shared link or folder.

Creating or Saving Documents

One can easily create a new file or save a document within the drop box app in the android phone. To create a new file, go to the menu option on the drop box app.

Create and Save Documents from the the Dropbox App

A prompt will appear asking to select the type of file. Once the type of file is selected, one can create the file.

type of file

After the completion of the new file, it is automatically uploaded and saved into the drop box folder.

uploaded to dropbox

Search Option and Drop Box Settings

Using the search option available in the menu section of the drop box app, one can search for the files inside the drop box folder easily.

searching file

Also, the settings for the drop box app may be viewed using the setting option in the menu section. One can change the settings at any time.

search dropbox

If one wishes to unlink the drop box app in their android phone, it may be done by tapping the unlink option in the menu section.

unlink dropbox app

In short, Drop box is a wonderful file sharing protocol which enables transferring files and folders between computer and other devices a simple one and can be accessed from anywhere in this world.