How To Use Dropbox With An iPhone Or iPod Touch

One of the many amazing properties of the Dropbox is that it lets you distribute and unite your personal as well as professional files using various electronic devices such as the computer as well as the mobile. However, in this article we will find how to add Dropbox to an iphone or an iPod Touch.

Before you get down to adding Dropbox to your iphone or iPod Touch, it is important to install the free Dropbox Application. This will allow you uninterrupted access to all the relevant files stored in the Dropbox.

How To Download And Install With iTunes?

To get iTunes you will first need to install the Dropbox app. You can do this easily via your computer.
Go to the preview section of Dropbox iTunes and click on ‘View In iTunes”. You can also find it on the iTunes App Store. Download it directly from here.

Another option is to install the iTunes from the Dropbox site itself.

You can download the application using any of the above given methods. The application will get downloaded directly under the Apps in iTunes.

Once the application is downloaded, check the status of Sync Apps under Apps tab. Now drag the Dropbox to the Home Screen and leave it on the desired location.

Next, click Apply tab that is located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen for iTunes. This completes the sync status. You will have to unplug the iPod or iPhone to start using the Dropbox.

How to Begin Using Dropbox on iPhone or iPod Touch?

The Dropbox icon is available on the Home Screen. Simply click on the icon to start using the application.
Clicking the icon will open the login screen for Dropbox. If you already have an account on Dropbox then log in by typing your username and password. Or else create an account. Let us assume that you already are a user. Log in to Dropbox.

The next screen will open the Welcome to Dropbox window for either iPhone or Touch.
Click on the “My Dropbox” icon to open all the files and folders that are available for use within the Dropbox. Simply browse through the various files and folders to search for the ones relevant to you.

The section “Settings” allows you to make changes to the existing settings. The section also includes a video where you can learn more about Dropbox and how to use it. You also have sections on help and feedback. In fact, there are various sections within the Dropbox that give you more features, which can be explored in your given time. However, it is recommended that a new user must watch the introduction video to get familiar with Dropbox.

Regardless of your familiarity with the Dropbox, the Help section gives you complete guides for carrying out certain functions.

How to Share Files from Dropbox?

You can easily share files in your Dropbox folders using this application. Let’s say you wish to share a picture with your family and friends. You will have to use a link and sent it via email for distribution.

Simply click on the link icon located at the bottom of the page left hand side. Next, click on Email Link. Simply shoot off the link to the contacts listed in your Dropbox file.