How To Use Gesture-Based Shortcuts on Your iOS Lockscreen

Technology is an ever-innovative field. The need to be someone unique from the crowd makes the science dish out something different. Moreover, tackling security issues are giving birth to newer ways of keeping your gadgets safe from the suspicious eye.

Gesture-Based Shortcuts on Your iOS Lockscreen

Devices are already equipped with various security levels to help you protect your gadget.

Cydia Store for iOS Lockscreen

Time is also an important factor these days. Almost everyone is running short of time. Therefore, time saving measures gain a lot of importance. That is why the keyboard shortcuts have gained much value today. If you are one of those jailbroken users out there, the Cydia store is a way to help you out.

cydia app

It is the place where you can get the iTweak for gratis. The iTweak is inclusive of nine individual gestures and each gesture is associated with task option. With a Tweak, you can link only one app. However, the positive thing is that, you get to choose which app you would like to link.

Lock Gestures App from Cydia

LockGestures is one such app that helps you take care of your iOS devices. LockGestures comes from the house of Cydia. The beauty of the app is that it allows you to carry out various kinds of functions with the help of your gestures only. It even works on locked screens too. Therefore, it is not tedious to use at all. Once you have installed the app, go to settings to make the necessary changes.

lock gestures

At the top, there are the settings where you can adjust which gesture should launch which application. Apps available are iTunes, Mails, Maps, and Messages, etc. Once you have selected the pair of your desired application and the gesture, you will be straightaway guided to that app. However, before proceeding you may have to put in the security code in case you have already set any.

select applications

You can also set the separate gestures on or off according to your need. There is a range of actions for you to configure. You can control the music or adjust the brightness among many other things.

lock gesture settings

When we are talking options, there is one worth mentioning and that is the Quickcall. It trespasses the security and gets you directly to the keys so that you can make a call. You can set the power options as well.

power options dialog

Easy to Use Lock Gestures Software Application

LockGestures makes life easy for you. The ease of the app is that it can work even without unlocking or entering the password every time you want to carry out any operation. The functionality of the entire system is highly inconspicuous. So the security of you gadget is always at the top. As far as other products of Cydia are concerned, LockGestures comes at an unbelievable cheap price of $1 only.

When you are looking to cope up with the shortage of time and want to manage your work on the move, the gesture-based shortcuts are a great way to keep pace with time. Once you get an idea of how easy it is to work with gestures and integrate your own, you will never run out of time.