How To Use Hotkeys To Save Time In Windows

Have you ever wondered while navigating through windows operating system if there are any hotkeys to execute the various routine functions? If so, then the answer is yes.

This article explains in detail on how to set up the various hot keys so that the day to day work that you undertake on a windows operating system based computer will become more enjoyable.

To begin with, download the free software HotKeyBind from the website and install it in your computer. After it is installed, open the software by the clicking on the icon from your computer’s system tray or from the start menu of your computer. The user interface of the HotKeyBind software will open up. The use interface is self-explanatory and is user friendly. Using this software, you will be able to assign hotkeys for the various routine functions that you undertake in your computer.

Keyboard Ninja Beginner: Using Hotkeys The Easy Way In Windows

How to Set up the Hotkeys in the HotKeyBind Software

Firstly, go to the other tab under the preferences option, and check on the boxes next to the following sentences – Do not show OSD (On Screen Display) messages and Start HotKeyBind at windows startup. Then go to the windows hotkeys tab seen next to the other tab under preferences.

Keyboard Ninja Beginner

If you wish not to use the hot key WIN+F1 which represents the – Display Microsoft windows help option, you may uncheck the box provided next to it.

Using Hotkeys The Easy Way In Windows

You may also uncheck any of the hotkey options, that you prefer to disable, which are provided under this tab. To setup hot keys, click on the hotkeys tab next to the windows hot keys tab. Proceed along the following steps.

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If you wish to set up a hot key for Google search, firstly, click on the Add key provided within the hotkeys tab. A new dialog box by name, Add an action will open up.

Keyboard Ninja Beginner

This Add an action box has a lot of action list which are defined already. For assigning a hot key for Google search, you should select – Web search under the internet option.

Hotkeys The Easy Way In Windows

Then click on the OK button. A new properties dialog box will pop up. From the drop down box provided against the word – search, select Google. Then Click on the OK button.

Keyboard Ninja Beginner

An Edit keys dialog box will open up. Here you can provide the hot keys for the Google search based on your choice.

Using Hotkeys The Easy Way In Windows

There will be options to choose the modifier keys such as Ctrl or Alt or Shift or Win and also options to select the letters. Let’s choose the Win+G combination as the hot key for Google search. Now, whenever you use the Win+G hot key, a dialog box will open up and you can type in the words that you wish to search in the space provided and click on the OK button.

Use Hotkeys The Easy Way In Windows

The search will automatically be initiated with Google search.

For closing down windows using a hotkey, follow the above steps and select the show shutdown window option in the Add an action dialog box. Assign the hotkey in the next steps and whenever you use the hotkey the shutdown windows dialog box will appear instantly.

Keyboard Ninja Beginner

Similarly you can set up hot keys for inserting signatures in your Outlook emails or web emails and also for launching any functions or applications in your computer.

Use Hotkeys The Easy Way In Windows

At the end of it, you will find that using hotkeys will save a lot of time and also will make working on a computer more enjoyable and a productive one.