How To Use Microsoft OneNote 2010


Many of us using Microsoft Office 2010 may have come cross OneNote 2010. But have you ever tried using OneNote 2010? If your answer is in the negative, it is time to try and get started with OneNote 2010.

Microsoft OneNote 2010 box

Purchasing OneNote 2010

OneNote 2010 is a part of the Microsoft Office 2010 suite. It may be purchased online through the Microsoft official website either as part of the Microsoft Office 2010 suite or separately.

microsoft onenote 2010

Getting Started with OneNote 2010

Firstly, click on the OneNote 2010 icon that is present within the Microsoft Office 2010 suite or through searching the word – OneNote 2010 in the start menu search option seen in the Start menu of your computer.

accessing microsoft office note 2010

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After you had clicked on the OneNote 2010 icon for the first time, you will view a screen which has a sample notebook with instructions on how to navigate through OneNote 2010. One Note 2010 helps in saving the various notes into various notebooks. These notebooks are saved into various sections and may even run into pages. On the left side of OneNote 2010, you may view all your notebooks.

Microsoft OneNote 2010

On the right side, you will see a menu to access the various pages that has been listed. The various sections are listed on the top as multiple separate tabs. Using the File tab, a new notebook may be created. You may save the notebooks either on to your computer or using the new office web applications through which you will be able to access the notebooks from anywhere in this world and also share it with others.

creating a new notebook

A shortcut to create a new notebook is by clicking on the star icon that is seen on the tab section on the top next to an existing section. A new page may be created by clicking on the middle of the window screen or by choosing the – create a new page option present in the right side of the screen. You can also drag any number of pages and organize them with the notes as you may prefer and also can collapse the pages which will make a notebook look neat and arranged.

You can create images, texts or pictures and move it to any section of the page based on your preference. With the various menus present on the top next to the File menu, you may edit the various text, pictures or images. If you prefer to keep the above editing tools readily available, then double click on the ribbon tab or click on the arrow button present under the exit key.

ribbon tab

You may draw pictures using the tools provided in the Draw menu and may copy texts, pictures, videos or images from any source onto your notebook by using the screen clipping option or Win+s shortcut in your keyboard.

screen clipping option

OneNote has an inbuilt OCR technology which helps in reading and copying text from images and pictures easily. Like a notebook, you may create bullet points and outlines in OneNote 2010.

You can also print files onto OneNote 2010. With Outlook 2010, you can email OneNote 2010 files to others easily. A search option is provided within OneNote 2010 wherein you may search for any text, images or videos to incorporate it in your note book.

printing microsoft one note 2010

By clicking on the Dock to Desktop option, you may use the OneNote 2010 as a note taking tool.
In short, OneNote 2010 is a fantastic tool which helps in saving images, texts and pictures easily and quickly.


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