How To Use Multiple Headers And Footers In A Single Word Document

If you have worked with the former versions of Word such as 2003, you must be aware of the option that allows you to add different headers and footers on even as well as odd pages. Well, this was the only way to insert a dissimilar header and footer for pages in a Word 2003 document. The same option was also present in MS Word 2007.

Multiple Headers And Footers In A Single Word Document

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If you are a user of MS Office 2010, you will definitely like to know whether this option is there is MS Word 2010 or not. Well, it is certainly there! However, what if you want to add a dissimilar header and footer on some pages of a Word document? Is it possible to do so in word 2010? So, read on; as we unveil the hidden reality of MS Word 2010 in context of multiple headers and footers.

Does Word 2010 Have the Option of Adding Multiple Headers and Footers?

However, unfortunately, there is no direct way via which you can add a dissimilar header and footer on every page of a Word document in 2010, although you have the option of different header and footer to be added on odd and even pages. Therefore, the users of this version of Word are left wondering as to how to gain that flexibility with regards to separate headers and footers on certain continuous or non-continuous pages.

Multiple Headers And Footers In A Single Word Document

However, this does not mean that you cannot insert dissimilar headers and footers on every page of a Word document. Fortunately, it is possible to do so, but it requires a trick. So, read on to know what that trick is!

What’s the Trick for Adding Different Headers and Footers?

There are times when people often feel the need of inserting a dissimilar header and footer for some pages. Further, the need might be such that some of the pages of a Word document 2010 must not have any header and footer. For instance, in an official document, one might not feel the need of inserting a header and footer on the pages that display glossary and references.

Furthermore, you might want to change the header and footer of the consequent pages. So, how to insert multiple headers and footers in Word 2010 document?

Well, the idea is to apply the section breaks as well as unlink the consequent header and footer as you are writing your document. Here are the steps to do so for having a different header on any page.

1. Open the Word document in MS World 2010.
2. Rest the cursor at the place where the first page ends.
3. On the Ribbon, select the Page Layout tab.
4. Click the Breaks command in the Page Setup group. The Page Breaks drop-down list is displayed.
5. Click the Next Page option for inserting a page break. The cursor moves to the second page.
6. On the second page, double-click the header.
7. Click the Link to Previous command in the Design tab’s Navigation group located under the triggered Header & Footer Tools section on the Ribbon. This unlinks the current header from the header of the previous page.
8. Edit the header. You will now find that the header of the previous page remains unchanged although you have modified the header of the current page.

Repeat the steps on each page whose header needs to be different. Further, you will have to perform the same steps for having different footers as well.