How To Use the Instant Search Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Outlook 2007

Many of us may be using Microsoft Outlook 2007 to receive and send emails on a daily basis. But many of us may not be aware of the instant search shortcut keys that are at our disposal within Microsoft Outlook 2007. Using these shortcut keys will enable us to navigate and work with this program even more effectively.

How To Use the Instant Search Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Outlook 2007

Opening the Search Panel

If you wish to search a particular email within the current folder, use the shortcut Ctrl+E. The search panel will open up and you can search by typing the relevant words in the search panel.

opening the search panel

Opening the Search Panel for All Emails

If you wish to search for a particular email within all the email folders in Microsoft Outlook 2007, then use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A. Type the relevant words in the search panel that has opened up after using the above shortcut to start the search.

Focus the Search Panel for All Items

Returning to the Last Viewed Folder

To return to the folder that you were viewing before you initiated the search, press the Esc key on your keyboard. This shortcut will work only if you had opened the search panel to search within the current folder using the shortcut Ctrl+E, followed by opening the search panel to search within all email folders by using the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A and it will not work vice versa.

Return to the Folder

Opening the Search Query Box

If you wish to search for a particular email with details of date, from, subject etc. you may open the search query box by clicking on the arrow next to the search box. To open or hide the search query box, you may use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+W. The search query box helps one to search for an email without having to remember all the contents of an email.

Show the Search Query Builder

Opening the Advanced Find Dialog Box

If you wish to open the advanced find dialog box to search for email, use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F. With the advanced dialog box, you will be able to trace emails by providing the details of from who the email is from, the subject of the email, the date in which the email was received or sent, particular words and sentences within the email and so on.

Use Advanced Find

Search for Words within an Email

To search for words or other items within a particular email, use the shortcut F4. By using this shortcut the find and replace dialog box will open up. To search for a particular word backwards in an email, use the shortcut Shift+F4. Unlike many other programs, the Ctrl+F shortcut key will not work in Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Searching Inside a Message

Opening the Desktop Search Option

If you wish to use the desktop search option in windows vista dialog box, use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+K. This will open up the windows vista dialog box through which you will be able to search for all the files in your computer including the emails in your Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Open up Desktop Search from Outlook

To conclude, Microsoft Outlook 2007 is a program through which we will able to receive, send and view emails easily and quickly. Use of the above mentioned shortcuts will go a long way in helping us use Microsoft Outlook 2007 in more effective manner.