How To Use the Kaspersky Rescue Disk to Clean Your Infected PC

Do you have a personal computer (PC) which has been infected with viruses and needs to be cleaned up? If your answer is in the affirmative, then there is way out to clean up your personal computer(PC).

Use the Kaspersky’s Rescue disk to clean up your infected personal computer(PC). This article provides an in-depth overview on how to use the Kaspersky rescue disk to cleanup your personal computer(PC).

Kaspersky Rescue Disk

Downloading and Burning the ISO image On to An Optical Disc

First of all, you should download the latest version of the Kaspersky rescue disk which is available for download online from the Kaspersky website. Then with the help of the burning software such as ImgBurn, burn the ISO image on to a disc.

img burn
Procedure to use the Kaspersky rescue disk to clean up your infected personal computer(PC)

Insert the optical disc in to your computer’s compact disc drive and restart your computer.

A screen which reflects the following words – Press any key to enter the menu will appear. Make sure that you press on any key. Otherwise, your computer will automatically log on to your windows operating system. After you press on any key, an option will show up asking you to select if to use the text mode or the graphic mode.

You should select the graphic mode. After you select the graphic mode, it will take you to the next screen where you will asked to type the alphabet ‘a’ to accept the terms and conditions of the agreement. After you accept the agreement, you will be able to view the Kaspersky rescue disk screen.

accept user agreement

Go to the tabMy update center and click on the ‘Start Update’ button to download the latest antivirus definition updates from the Kaspersky website.

start update

After the antivirus definitions are updated, go back to the tab ‘Objects Scan’. Select the drives which you need to scan and then click on the start objects scan key present on the bottom of the Kaspersky rescue disc dialog box.

start objects scan

The scan will start immediately and will clean up any virus that is present within the various drives. Whenever the scan comes across a virus, a prompt will appear asking if to quarantine or clean up the files. You should choose the most suitable option based on your discretion. Also, you will able to view all the partitions within your windows operating system. You can repair any of those, if it requires one.

If you are interested in using more tools or doing a bit of research on your personal computer, then go to the menu tab on the Kaspersky rescue disk dialog box.

kaspersky rescue dialog box

A command prompt, file manager and web browser are all at your disposal within the menu option. Now you should be able to clean up the virus infections in your computer and restore it back to its normal working condition.

Kaspersky rescue disk developed by Kaspersky lab, one of the leading vendors in the software security market enables one to clean up one’s infected personal computer(PC) easily and within hours at the comfort of one’s home or office.