How To Use The Notes Feature In Outlook

With the world becoming increasingly net-savvy these days, it has become almost impossible to keep a proper record of the useful emails that one receives each day. Even the best of the organizers find it difficult to keep their inbox well organized at all times. In this article we will tell you about Notes and how it can be used to organize your inbox.

Notes is one of the best features of Outlook. Sadly, the feature isn’t much explored. Notes can help you mark important dates, ideas and events; this helps methodize and prioritize your day-to-day work. This section will deal with how to use Notes in Outlook 2010, although Notes is now available in all Post Office 2001 editions.

How To Use Notes in Outlook 2010

The tab for Notes is located in the navigation Pane of Outlook 2010. All features of Notes can be utilized using this tab.
Next to the Notes tab is an arrow button which can be used for increasing or decreasing the list of features available to you in Notes.

Decreasing the list will give you a larger Notes icon and make it easier for you to access it.If you wish to start a new note simply click on the ‘New Note’ tab given under ‘Ribbon’. Once you are done making your notes navigate away from the window by simply closing it. Notes is designed to save your work automatically under the list you have created.

If you want to make alterations in the view options of your notes then go to Current View and click on Home tab. If you set the option of Notes List, you will be able to view the content as well as all the other available information about your note. You can even preview the contents of the note by simply placing the mouse cursor over the note.

Create a List

You can even list your notes alphabetically to make it easier to access them. The list of the notes can be arranged in Icon View. Do right click over an empty part of the screen.

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Click on Sort given under the Context Menu. When the Sort screen opens, click on ‘Sort items by Subject’ and choose the option of Ascending or Descending. After selecting your option click on OK.

This will arrange your notes in an alphabetic order. However, you also have the option of arranging them according to Color, icon, Type and more.

How to Add New Note Button to Quick Access Toolbar?

You can even add the Notes to your Quick Access Toolbar if you use the Notes regularly. Right click to access the drop down menu. Select ‘More Commands’ from the menu. This will open the Outlook Options. Right click on the Command menu to get a dropdown box.

Here select ‘All Commands’. When you scroll down the list you will see the New Note; highlight it and select the Add button. The Notes feature will now be available under the Customize Quick Access Toolbar area. Click on OK. The New Note icon will now be part of your Quick Access Toolbar.

Clicking on the icon will open a new note. This will make it easier for you to use the Notes feature as you will no longer have to open your Outlook and go to inbox for creating new notes.