How To Use Twitter For Linkbuilding

With each passing day, Twitter is gaining importance when it comes to quality link building. Even search engines are into indexing the social graph to show the rankings. There were two important factors about Twitter ranking derived from the Search Ranking Factors study.

The first was the total number of tweets that are associated with a certain URL and the second was the influence of the user when generating the tweets.

How to Use Twitter For Linkbuilding

That said let us have a look at those things that you, as a user will be more interested in – using Twitter to build your links.

How to Use Twitter For Linkbuilding

Use Different Twitter Accounts for Different Purposes

Twitter allows you to have more than one Twitter accounts. So bring out the power of Twitter. If possible, use different Twitter accounts for different purposes. With more than one Twitter accounts at your disposal, you can use all of them to tweet and then retweet the same stories.

different twitter accounts

Company employees also use the same technique – use different accounts apart from their own personal account. More than one account with loads of followers can do magic to your business.

Use a URL Shortener

Twitter has a limit of 140 characters in the URL. That means you cannot copy-paste the entire URL to your site. However, there is a way out of this hassle. You can use the URL shortening service.

url shortener

That will not only have the smaller URL working for you, but it will also get the important juices flowing back from a certain tweet, right to your site. To shorten the URL, you can use or as both are friendly URL shorteners.

Always Update Your Account

It is very important that you always update your account with latest tweets and re-tweets. The accounts with fresh and latest tweets are more likely to get more re-tweets than the ones those are more passive. You can go the RSS way to speak for your fresh content. It will let all the web services know whenever you have any fresh content.

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Link Your Twitter Profile

Do not isolate your Twitter profile, if you have any. The more it is exposed, the better for you. Do not miss out on any opportunity to spread the word about your profile. If you run a blog of your own, put the link there. Do not forget the social networking sharing buttons. Your profile at Twitter will need more and more inbound links. That is one sure and legal way of building the authority as well as trust.

Apply For Analyzing Influences

Analyze the influences with the service called Klout. It works both ways – shows whom you are influenced by as well as recognizing who you influence. Always remember to engage yourself with those people who have higher Klout than your own.


The reason is that the Twitter Authority is a metric that associates with elevated rankings. That will give you more chances of increasing your Klout rankings and fairing well with the search results.