How To Use Twitter on the iPad

Today social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter have become an integral part of our lives. Today, we can hardly think of the web without Twitter or other social networking sites. Social networks enable you to market and promote your articles, blog posts and videos, to attract more traffic to your websites.

Due to its immense popularity, the use of Twitter is not limited only to the desktop PC or a laptop. You can even use it on the move on your iPad.

twitter for ipad

The Twitter iPad App

The official application developed by Twitter is easily compatible with portable devices and is suitable for your iPad too. It has a special bonding with iPad 2. Just by swiping and turning the gadget in different directions, you can easily explore various features of this app. However, there are a lot more things that you can do with this Twitter app.

twitter ipad app

Explore the Power of the Twitter App

As mentioned above, you control the device and get things done in a matter of a few moments. Here is a list of operations you can carry out. See your messages; check your timeline, mentions and can even view your profile – all these things are visible in a single list displayed to the left hand side of the screen.

twitter app for ipad

Apart from this, you can browse through the tweets, find friends of similar interest and follow them. You can tweet the way you normally tweet and re-tweet. You can send direct messages to your friends through private settings. Make real-time searches, know the latest trends and yes, like the conventional Twitter feature, follow other people too.

New Update Alerts

It is easy to know the updates while using Twitter on the iPad. If there is any new post, you should notice the blue dot near the navigation of the app. The blue dot is an indication for new updates and tweets.

How to Email, Copy Links and Retweet

These operations are easy to carry out. To send mail, to copy links, to retweet and carry out more operations, you will see icons to the top right corner of your screen. The presence of various icons makes it easy to carry out your work.

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To View Messages, Mentions And Timeline

Timeline is the most popular feature of all. You can find this feature at the centre of the application. The usernames, the tweets, the time of the tweet, etc. makes each entry unique in itself. Click on a TwitPic url and the timeline will tweet towards the left and display the picture on the right. Click on the timeline and you will see more details.

twitpic on ipad


‘Settings’ are the most important part of any app. Here, you can remove the account, add multiple accounts, reach out to the advanced settings and view the “about”. You can handle more than one account on this free iPad app. You can set notifications for each of your Twitter accounts. Notifications allow you to turn on the mentions and replies, messages and set the preferences from whom you want to receive the messages.

In the advanced section, you can set image qualities, (from low, medium to high), turn on or off the Ignore Local Trends and select the sound effects as well.