How to Use Twitter to Build Your Business Brand

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are more than just a means of making friends or passing your dinnertime surfing about. While there are some people, who log on to the sites, without the knowledge of their bosses, on the other hand, some people look to be their own boss. All this is quite possible through Twitter.

Use Twitter to Keep Your Business Top Of Mind

Those who fail to do reasonable business is their negative approach towards customers who might as well have visited you, but not bought anything yet. That will not take your business anywhere. However, Twitter plays an important role here by dishing out (but not obligatory) info about your business. The difference is between the approaches. One might not read an ad mail, but chances are high that one may be interested in reading the tweet about something being sold like hotdogs.

Offer Loss Leaders and Sales On Twitter

Apart from the many advantages of using Twitter for your business, one of them is the real time use of Twitter. Whatever you post there, if it is worth it, it will immediately grab attention. If the same happens with your business, you will get instant feedback and know where you stand.

Do not get disheartened if you fail with one of your schemes. As just said above, Twitter is real time of everything. Put up something new and interesting for the next customer. Who knows, he will be lucky for you.

Twitter is Easily Accessible By Mobile Device

Explore the power of Twitter. Twitter is one of the easiest social networking sites to use. Apart from that they are also easily available for use on mobile phones as well. That gives you instant access to the site even on the move. However, the better part is that it carries the potential customers to the stores. Many market researchers agree with this fact as well. When people are already moving around, not visiting the store is the last thing.

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Incorporate Twitter Into Your Web Framework and Your Offline Promotion as Well

After knowing all the positives of Twitter, it would be complete madness not to integrate your site with Twitter. You should place links from your site that will lead one to Twitter. By the way, there are many social networking icons ready to be integrated in your web site. However, remember to put a link from you Twitter account which will divert customers to your business site.

As far as offline promotion is concerned, QR – Quick Response codes are getting popular with each passing day. Many internet users have recognized the power of QR codes. Those are one of the easiest to integrate. In offline promotion, incorporate the QR codes in your handbills or on your visiting cards. That can potentially send the customers to their desired place – your storeroom.

Tweet Frequently

That is really important – to tweet frequently. Do not go into oblivion or your customers will easily forget you. On an average, make at least one tweet every day. Your customers must see you logo and a tweet anytime they check their timeline.