How To Use Twitter To Social Bookmark Your Website

Social bookmarking is a method used by internet users to organize, store, manage and search bookmarks online. Using bookmarks in the form of metadata will help the users to understand the content of the resource without having to download them.

Social bookmarking system helps to save links to the web pages that needs to be remembered or shared. These book marks can be shared publically or privately with in certain groups or shared only within certain networks.

Bookmark is useful in accessing consolidated set of bookmarks from various computers, organize a large number of bookmarks and share the bookmarks with contacts. The bookmarking links, help the site customers to store websites, articles, videos or content seen on the internet.

Tips To Use Twitter To Social Bookmark Websites


Every Media has its own strength, advantages and different uses. Twitter being the most popular social network, has been a very effective place for sharing information and creating strong bond leading to everlasting friendship between the contacts. Taking advantage of the high rate of traffic volumes in Twitter, many webmasters use this social media to promote their products and services.

Use Twitter To Social Bookmark Your Website

Being accessed by millions every year Twitter social bookmark helps in engaging conversations with followers to develop relationships and  helping  them receive your marketing messages more easily.


Learning how to use Twitter to social bookmark your website is full of fun and is also very useful. Once you have learned the method, Twitter will make you digitally famous and very visible. The procedure is very simple and easy.

  • Sign up for an account with a valid email address.
  • Visit the profile page and add your biography and profile picture.
  • Make a snappy biography describing your company in two to three sentences as lengthy ones will be ignored by readers.
  • Real picture should be added in the profile. In case your company carries a logo you can upload it as a picture profile.
  • Having updated your profile, start browsing the net to find people with similar interests and loop them to your website.
  • Multiply your contact regularly to create larger circle.
  • To find relevant friends and contacts use the search box in Twitter.
  • Twitter followers can be searched by entering keywords in the search box.

Use Twitter To Social Bookmark Your Website

  • For an example, if you are promoting your gem stones, then enter gem stones as your keyword in the Twitter search box. Hitting enter Twitter will return the list of results matching your keyword.
  • Visit each link in the search result individually and ensure that they share the same interest as yours. Try reading their blogs, and if you get impressed you may follow them. Do not get disappointed if you find no reciprocation from them. Keep trying, to achieve larger followers.
  • Put in a lot of informational resources in your tweet as this would make you an interesting twitter to follow.  Remember that the tweets you post on your twitter profile will appear on the profile page of your followers. Make a few tweets a day so that you do not flood your contacts, which may annoy them resulting in them not following you.

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The Twitter social bookmarking links on popular websites will help increase the traffic to your website. The use of Twitter social bookmark to your website is a very cost effective way to endorse your business.