How to Use VLOOKUP in Excel

Microsoft is a great company and it has really taught each one of us to use the computer in innumerable ways. We not only use the computer to do our daily activities, but it also serves as an excellent item to prepare our business records. For business owners, their records are everything for them. They cannot afford to prepare them in such a place where they can get lost easily. Hence, these business owners take the help of Microsoft Excel sheet. It categorically prepares all the transactions and each and every activity that takes place in the business.

excel sheet needing lookup

One has to keep updating the data on a daily basis and they will be sorted. But sometimes when the records are too many, it gets very difficult to look for a particular client, transaction or deal. In this case, one can simply use the technology of Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP. It comes along with the Excel sheet and can be easily used with the help of the below mentioned steps.

How To Use VLOOKUP in Excel

Create Lookup Table

In order to begin, one has to first create a lookup table. Without this table, no one will be able to take a step further.

Insert Tab

In the Excel sheet, look for the insert tab. Once you find it, click on it.

Worksheet Tab

After clicking on the insert tab, double click on the worksheet button. This button will be found in the general category.


This new worksheet tab that you clicked on has to be renamed. This means that you can add any name in accordance to your convenience. It would be suggested to name this tab as part codes.

Column A

This column must contain all the values that are present in the previous sheet. Ensure that you put them all in the ascending order.

Column B

It has to contain all the details of the corresponding names with the Column A codes.

column b

New Column Addition In Previous Sheet

Now this step will tell you how to use the VLOOKUP function. Simply import any one column from the lookup sheet that you just created and add it to the existing sheet.

add new column in the sheet


Now place the cursor in the first cell that is blank in the newly added column.

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Insert menu

Now go to the insert menu and click on the Function tab. This step will present to you an Insert Function dialog.

insert function

Insert Function Dialog

This dialog will contain a “search for a function” box. This box will be on the top left hand side of the dialog.


Now finally type the text VLOOOKUP in this search box. It is important to write down VLOOKUP here so that you will be able to see what you wish to.

Highlight VLOOKUP

After you are done with typing VLOOKUP, you will be further required to highlight VLOOKUP. After you are done with highlighting, simply click on OK. This is your last step and it will display the particular column that you wanted to see.

Hence in these easy steps, one can simply use the VLOOKUP feature in seconds.