How To Use Word 2007 as a Blogging Tool

This is the era of blogging. These days everybody is busy expressing their views on the internet in some way or the other. We use so many tools to express our opinions out in public. Some people do it occasionally whereas others do it on a regular basis. So no matter how you like to do it, you can have a variety of tools available which allow you to be as creative as you can be. One can start with using Microsoft word as their tool. It is a great feature and it also gives other amazing tools to do the task. So if you too wish to use the Microsoft word 2007 as your blogging tool, then do not worry at all. Simply follow the below mentioned points and your job will be done.

How To Use Word 2007 as a Blogging Tool

Open Word 2007

To begin with, one has to first open word 2007 in the computer. This is a main step which will lead you to other steps.

Office button

Now that Word 2007 has been opened, look for the office button which will be on the top extreme left of the page. It will contain the windows logo and as soon as you find it, simply click on it. Now click on “new”.

new blog post

New Blog Post

After clicking on “new”, two options will come in front of you. One will be blank document and other will be new blog post. Hence, select the new blog post button.

Manage Accounts

As soon as you press the new blog post button, a new ribbon will appear. In that ribbon, the user will be required to click on “manage accounts”.

manage accounts


Now the first tab which is “new” has to be clicked upon.

new tab

Blogging Platform

After this Word will ask you about your blogging platform. There will be about 7 options given to you which will be like WordPress, blogger etc. So choose the one that you use on a regular basis and click on “next”.

new blog account

New Account

Once the “next” button is clicked, your new account box will open along with the name of the chosen option in the previous step. Carefully fill in all the details and check out the “picture options” button. You can add your own picture also if you wish to.

new wordpress account

Saving the password by Word is completely your call. Hence, look into this matter with precision. That was the final step and it will create your Word blog only if you click on “ok”. Do not forget to revise all the information that you have filled. Anything that is incorrect will not be accepted by Word.

publish post

Hence, all the above steps are very easy and can be performed in seconds. Anyone who is a Word 2007 user will be able to do these with no difficulty. Blogging is an amazing tool and it allows us to express what we feel and think. The more the readers, indicates the better your blog. Therefore write as much as you can and spread tones of knowledge amongst the unaware lot.