How to Use Your iPhone or iPod Touch as a Boxee Remote

Today, we are going to find out another interesting usage or application of our iPhone or iPod Touch. You will be amazed after you go through this article that how amazing this piece of technology is!

We are going to find out how we can use our iPhone and iPod Touch as a remote control! The iPhone or iPod can be used as a remote control for Boxee. Let us find out more on this topic.

What is Boxee?

This is a very good way to watch Television shows and movies and other videos from the internet on the Television. Purchase a device powered by Boxee or make one for yourself using a computer. Another interesting piece of information is that Boxee plays most file formats, so everything that can be seen on the PC can be seen on the Boxee.

Also, the Boxee Box D-Link has more than double resolution as compared to Apple TV. This allows experiencing full HD of 1080 pixels, making the High Definition Television watching simply worth it. So Boxee is far better than other Internet TV like Apple and Google TV.

Having a Wi-Fi connection will help you use your iPhone or iPod as a remote control. In comparison to the shabby appearance and maneuvering of a mouse and keyboard, this is a great alternative.

Requirements to use iPhone/iPod as Boxee Remote Control

Wireless Network is the first and most important requirement. Boxee Remote control application is supported by OS X 10.4 or advanced versions, Windows XP, vista and Windows 7 are also the supporters. All major Linux distributions also support this application.

How to use Boxee Remote Control Apps?

This application comes for free so download the Boxee Remote Control application from the Application store and install it on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

After the download just check whether you have a Boxee running on your PC as well. Make sure that the Boxee version on your PC is a recent one.

The version can be checked by going to Settings > General. Also check if the Web Server is enabled on port 8800. This can be done by going to Settings > Network > Servers. Run the Boxee on the PC first and then try to connect via the iPhone/ iPod Touch. There is a Web server password that needs to be entered first, do not get confused with the Boxee password.

Click on the Boxee icon and open it. The first time this application is tapped it will give information of the two modes that are available.

The first is Button mode and other is Gesture mode. The Button mode is quite understood and self – explanatory, very similar to a regular remote.

The Buttons on the iPhone/iPod Touch correspond to each action. In the Gesture mode you will have to hold on to the thumb and move it around or drag to navigate.

If you click on the Boxee logo than it means to Select, Play or Pause. To open up a QWERTY keypad click on an input field which will pop up wherever there is need to write.

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This mode works actually very similar to a touchpad or a trackball. While dragging the Boxee logo turns red.

There is a Settings option that allows you to manually adjust the sensitivity of every movement or controls, you can add or delete a host computer with this option too.

Also there will be an onscreen volume slider control while watching a movie along with a Stop and Pause option.