How To Use Your iPod with Foobar2000

Apple iPod offers some great features but many users don’t like to work with the iTunes to synchronise music library for iPod. So is there an alternative? Yes there is, you can use Foobar2000, customize it and make it work for your iPod. It is a great alternative for users who don’t find iTunes very impressive.

However, Foobar2000 has not been tailored for iPod, so you need to make a couple of changes to automatically covert files to be played on iPod. There are two other components that you’ll need with Foobar2000, let’s see what you need and how this application can help you out.

Install Foobar2000

It is free software so just download the latest version of Foobar200 from the internet. It can be installed like any other program through the installation interface.

Check ‘standard installation’ and click ‘Next’ for the process. After installation you can customize the software to suit your requirements, check or uncheck the services in the component window to suit your requirements.

Install Components

As discussed, Foobar2000 has not been tailored for iPods so you need to install a component to make this work. So, download iPod Manager Component, choose the latest version form internet which can support iOS 4 on iPod Torch only. Use the unzip option on the downloaded folder and use C:\Program Files\Foobar2000\Components as target folder.

You will also need Nero AAC Encoder; it is also for free so download it. Now unzip the downloaded folder at a different place and navigate to win32 folder in it. Copy neroAacEnc.exe from the folder and paste it in Foolbar2000 folder in Program files.

Use iPod with Foobar2000

Launch Foobar2000 and click on the ‘File’ option at top menu bar, click ‘Preferences’ in fall down list. You will find a ‘Tools’ option now, then click on it to expand and select ‘iPod Manager’ under it.

You can change a variety of settings for the iPod. However, if you want Mobile support too then click on the Mobile Devices at the bar and enable mobile device support. Restart Foobar2000 for changes.

Now you will have a variety of features on this application for the iPod. You can add individual songs or albums and your songs will be processed to support iPod. Foobar2000 also offers cover art, music synchronization (for media library or playlist), expected timeline for music transfer to iPod and properties.

There are not many iTunes alternatives available on the internet and those which are available are slow and unreliable. Moreover, some of the applications also affect the quality of music during the conversion process. However, Foobar2000 with the help of iPod Manager Component and Install Nero AAC Encoder is a perfect substitute to iTunes.

It can convert files quickly for iPod without compromising on the quality of music and you don’t really have to be baffled about the process as this guide will help you to take through it easily, so don’t waste your time and get stressed using the iTunes, rather use Foobar2000.