How To View Docs And PDFs Directly In Google Chrome

Many of us have now shifted to Google Chrome that is regarded as the quickest browser at present. However, that’s not the only reason for this move of ours. Fortunately, Chrome does not restrict itself to act as a speed booster when it comes to performing our daily tasks online.

how to view doc directly in google chrome

In fact, it also acts as our productivity maximizer by offering several plug-ins or extensions. In this article, I will share with you one such extension via which your routine tasks on the Internet will become easier and quicker.

One of our common daily tasks on the Internet is to open and read the mailed docs such as PowerPoint presentations or PDFs. To do so, we first need to download these files so that they can be read with the help of a relevant PDF or PPT viewer.

Now, this is not a feasible way to read the online docs or PDFs, as it is quite time-consuming, especially when we only want to go through them without storing them on our machines. So, wouldn’t it be better to view these files directly in Chrome? So now, the question is can Chrome do so? Well, the answer is Yes! After all, better productivity is one of the features, which we all expect from a Google product.

What Makes You View Docs And PDFs In Chrome Directly

It is the Docs PDF/Power Point Viewer Extension that opens docs and PDFs automatically in Google Docs. It’s a clever extension that renders the famous Google Docs as the default viewer, which eliminates the need of downloading files for reading.

How To Get The Docs PDF/Power Point Viewer Extension

To do so, you will have to open the extension’s URL,
On the right side, you need to now click the blue Add to Chrome button.

Docs PDF PowerPoint Viewer extension

By doing so, you actually start the installation. Now, you will see the Confirm Installation dialog box. Herein, just click the Install button to confirm the installation. This will turn the blue button into a grayed-out area labeled with Installing and then being replaced by Added to Chrome message.

Docs PDF PowerPoint Viewer extension added to chrome

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Finally, the extension is added to your browser. However, for viewing the documents and PDFs in the browser, there is one more step to be performed. Just go to chrome://extensions/, spot the newly added extension, and select the Allow in incognito check box. This will ensure that you always view your docs in Chrome directly. Moreover, by default, extensions do not follow the Incognito mode.

allow  incognito checkbox

How To View The Docs Directly In The Chrome Browser

Just click a document link and you will be able to open it in the viewer of Google Docs. Generally, you can see the documents in their original size and quality. However, you can customize the look of the docs by setting the zoom scale. Further, you can even search for a subtitle so that you can focus on what you want to read in the document. I guess you can even edit the doc online and can open up in Office or Acrobat Reader by downloading it.

viewing docs in google chrome

Irrespective of the document, Google Docs tend to keep downloading it as you go through it. This means that if you suddenly scroll down to the doc’s middle portion, you might find that page a bit blurry initially.

In case of PDFs, the display is much faster and nicer than the download. This is because the files are rendered on the Google’s servers, which have the power of displaying even big and heavy files quickly. Talking about the online PowerPoint presentations, you surely get to view them without opening PowerPoint. However, you will be able to see the slides, not the slideshow.

disable adobe acrobat  plugin

Note: To prevent PDF files from opening in the Acrobat Reader, go to chrome://plugins/ and disable the Adobe Acrobat plug-in.