How To View Last Modified Files On Windows Vista

Windows Vista comes with several new features of which many are meant for file and folder management. One of them is the Search panel that offers classified search parameters to look for files and folders.

If you have worked with Windows XP, you must have worked with left-docked Search pane in the Explorer, which allowed you to look for the files as per the last modified date. In the same way, even Windows Vista allows you to search for the last modified files via its new and unique Search panel.

So, are you new to Windows Vista and want to know how to spot the last modified files? Well, let us check that out now!

Problem: Want To Detect The Date When Files Were Last Changed

Let us consider a scenario where you have just started using Windows Vista. You opened some files via Explorer, but did not find the contents that you were looking for.

You then realized that the contents of these files have been changed. Now, you are not able to figure out as to who modified the files and that when were these changes done. The surprising part is that it has been just five hours since you have created these files. So, what is the solution now?

Solution: Find Out The Last Modified Files

Since you do not know when those files were modified, you can certainly use the Search feature of Windows Vista to spot the last modified files on your system. This is one of the situations wherein you need to view the files as per the last modified date. Do you have no idea of how to get the list of last modified files on Windows Vista? Well, just follow the new Search panel and perform a search.

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Implementing the Solution: Use the Search Panel of Windows Vista

Searching for the last modified files on Windows Vista is the easiest solution to the stated problem. There is really no need of third-party tools or other applications to do so, although they do exist for this task. Here are the steps to view the last modified files on Windows Vista.

1. Open Windows Explorer.

2. Press the F3 key. The Search panel is displayed.

3. From the Location drop-down list, select the desired drive.

4. From the Date drop-down list below Location, select Date modified.

5. Select is from the second drop-down list besides Date.

6. From the third drop-down list in the row, select the appropriate date.

7. Select the Include non-indexed, hidden, and system files check box.

8. Click the Search button.

9. Ensure that the Date modified column is displayed in the list. In case the column is absent, you need to insert it by right-clicking the column area, selecting More, and selecting the check box against the missing column name.

Once the search results are displayed, you can sort the last modified files in the descending order of the values shown in the Date Modified column. This will bring the most recently modified files in the beginning.

Tip: You can also select Search from the Start menu to open the Search panel.