How To View Web Sites Offline

Have you ever felt the need to view Web sites offline? Let us consider a scenario wherein you are traveling in an airplane with your laptop, but the Internet connection is not available at such a height.

You are doing a critical task of your project. Now, you urgently need to visit a Web site without which you cannot work further. It is exactly at this point of time when sites stored offline come to rescue.

To view Web sites offline, you just need to save them on your computer via the browser. Let us check it out!

Viewing Sites Offline Using IE 7

If you have Internet Explorer (IE) 7, you need to save a Web site as a collection of Web pages that are stored on your computer as files. Once you store it as a set of files, you can then select a page to view offline. Listed below are the steps to view Web sites offline using IE 7.

Open the site that you want to view offline. Click File --> Save As to save the page on your computer. The Save Webpage dialog box is displayed.

Navigate to the location where you want to save the page. Select the Webpage, Complete option from the Save as type combo box to save all elements on the page such as graphics,text, and frames in their original formats.

If you want everything in a single HTML file, select the Web Archive, Single File option. In case you want only textual information, the Text File option is preferable. Click Save.

Browse to the target location and click the saved file to view in the default Web browser. Repeat the above steps for each Web page of the site so that the required links of the site work well offline.

Viewing Sites Offline Using Firefox

The above way to view Web sites offline is actually not feasible, as you will have to perform it again and again for each page that you want to store on your computer. Therefore, it is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox whose simple plug-in can store a full Web site for offline browsing. Let us now check how to view Web sites offline using this plug-in.

Open Mozilla Firefox. Click Tools --> Add-ons. A search textbox is displayed.

Enter scrapbook in the textbox. The add-on is displayed as the first option for you to download and install.
Install the add-on. Restart Firefox. You will see Scrapbook on the menu bar.

Click Scrapbook. A drop-down menu is displayed.

Click Capture Selection As (or Capture Page As) depending upon the version in use and select the appropriate depth to follow links meaning the number of clicks to go through right from the main page to the other linked pages.

 Selecting a big number shall offer you a considerable number of links for offline browsing, but will consume much time as well as disk space.Verify the presence of the captured page in the Scrapbook menu. Now, you can browse the Web site offline using Firefox.