Import Email From Outlook To Apple Using Thunderbird

A common problem faced by Windows users is how to import emails from Outlook when they change from windows to OS X. In this article we will give you tips on how to use Mozilla’s Thunderbird when making the switch from Windows to OS X or to Apple’s

How To Import Emails From Outlook To Windows?

The first step is to download Mozilla’s Thunderbird on the machine that has Windows as operating system. Once you have downloaded the application, install it on your machine. You are not required to add any account once the installation is complete.

Import Email From Outlook

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To start importing your emails, click the Tools option followed by Import option. Since we are looking at importing mails only from our Outlook account, we will select the option of Mail. In case you wish to import other documents as well from the Outlook, you will have to do so separately for each section. This will be a faster option.

Once you have selected the documents and mails you want to import, click on Next. Now choose Outlook as your option to key in the file that you want to import to your other account. Click Next.

The thunderbird will begin importing your mails (and other documents, if any) from Outlook and you will receive a report at the end of it on all the material that was imported. Once you receive this report, select Finish option.

How To Import Windows From Outlook To Mac OS X?

Open the machine with Mac OS X. If you know about how to mount a Window share, you will also know that one of the simplest way of transferring data from one machine to another is by mounting the folder that contains all the required data and then copying this folder to the desktop. This is quite an easy way of transferring your data but it may not be convenient for all.

If you use the mounting method of moving your data, you will find all your Outlook data under the given directory:

This directory is only for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

To look for the imported data in Windows XP, go to
C:\Documents and Settings\*username*\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\*profilename*.default\Mail

Import Email From Outlook

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Now check your by opening it. Go to Import Mailboxes option given under File menu. You will see the option of Thunderbird in the Import Window section. Click on it and select Continue. Navigate to Local Folders and select Choose option.

This option gives you the liberty of selecting the items you want to import. Uncheck all the material that you don’t want to transfer. Click on Continue. Remember, the time taken to import the material will directly dependent on the amount of material you are importing. Once the importing is completed, the will inform you of the location where the imported material from Outlook is. Click on Done.


There are many free applications that help import mails from Outlook to recognizable formats in OS X. However, using the Thunderbird for the import is one of the best and easiest methods available.