Import Firefox Bookmarks into Safari for Windows

Development in the field of Information Technology has its different sets of wonders with which our lives have begun to flow, quite smoothly and comfortably despite the presence of several communication barriers.

One of these wonder sets is experienced via the browsers that not only have facilitated anytime and anywhere access to data exchange but also have opened the doors of making the common but personalized utilities or facilities available across the different models and versions. For example, you can use your Firefox bookmarks in Apple’s Safari and Firefox’s tab ordering in Google Chrome. This is really commendable! So, in this article, we are going to see how to make the Firefox bookmarks available into Safari.

Import Firefox Bookmarks into Safari for Windows

The Need of Importing Firefox Bookmarks into Safari

Were you using Firefox and now have just shifted to Apple’s Safari? In this case, you will surely prefer to have your present bookmarks even in Safari so that your work does not get delayed. Further, you will always look for a better way to use those bookmarks in Safari, which will prevent recreating them so that you can save much time. The good news in your favor is that the latest version (v5) of this browser by Apple has much support for such tasks.

Procedures to Make the Firefox Bookmarks Available in Safari

There are two procedures to be followed for making the Firefox bookmarks available in Safari: Exporting bookmarks from Firefox and importing them into Safari. Favorably, both the procedures are easy to follow. Let’s now take a look at each of these procedures.

Exporting Firefox Bookmarks

This is the procedure that you might be well aware of, as you have been using Firefox since quite some time. Anyways, we still shall have a look on this procedure. To export the bookmarks:

1. Open the browser.

2. On the right side of the navigation toolbar, click the Bookmarks button. In case of Windows XP, you will have to use the menu bar and navigate to Bookmarks --> Show All Bookmarks. The latter option can also be Organize Bookmarks.Finally, the Library window is displayed.

organize bookmarks

3. On the toolbar, select Import and Backup --> Export Bookmarks to HTML. The latter option can also be Export HTML depending on the version in use. The Export Bookmarks File window is displayed.

export bookmarks
4. Select the desired location for saving the file that already has a default name.

saving the file

5. Click the Save button to close the opened window.

6. Close the Library window.

Import into Safari 5

Now, you will have to import the exported bookmarks file into Safari. Here’s how to do so.

1. Open the Safari browser.

2. Ensure that the menu bar is visible. In case it is not visible, click the Settings icon that is presented in the upper left corner and select Show Menu Bar. The menu bar is now displayed on the top in the Safari window. Alternatively, you can also press the Alt key to see the menu bar.

show menu bar

3. Select File --> Import Bookmarks from the menu bar. The Open dialog box is displayed.

import bookmarks

4. Browse to the folder or drive where you have saved your Firefox bookmarks as an HTML file.

5. Click the Open button. A message is displayed for taking your permission to insert the preview images of the bookmarks.

open bookmarts html file

6. Click the Add Previews Now button.

add preview button

The Show All Bookmarks sidebar is displayed, which shows the imported folder of bookmarks along with image previews.

show all bookmarks

7. Keep them in this sidebar or move them to the Safari Bookmarks Bar for quick access. A prompt is displayed for entering the suitable name for the folder.

naming a bookmark

8. Click OK. Finally, you will see the Firefox Bookmarks drop-down button on the bar if you have moved them to the Bookmarks bar.