Import Text Into Excel 2007

Excel 2007 allows importing data from a variety of external sources such as Web, MS Access, and SQL. However, is there any option in Excel 2007 for importing text?

Yes, Excel 2007 has an option for importing the content of a text file. Although not many people use text files to store data today, this feature of Excel is yet a useful one when it comes to fetching very old data that was stored in Notepad. In Excel 2007, the Text Import Wizard allows you to import data from a text file. Let us now see how this wizard aids in importing the textual data.

Comprehending The Text Import Wizard

The Text Import Wizard is a three-step wizard that inspects the text file to be imported so that the desired format is applied to its data in the spreadsheet. In the first step, it will ask you to specify the original data type, the starting row position in the file from where you need to import, and character set (Unicode, ANSI, and so on).

There are two original data types namely, Delimited if the items in the file are separated by characters such as spaces or tabs and Fixed width if the items in columns are of the same length.

In the second step, you have to set the column breaks by adjusting the arrow lines in the preview section. Finally, the last step in the wizard will ask you to set the data type of the columns along with the thousands and decimal separators, which are regarded as advance settings.

Including Text In Spreadsheet Via The Text Import Wizard

The Data tab in MS Excel 2007 enables you to import text from a file stored on the hard disk of your computer. Here are the steps to import text in Excel 2007.

1. Ensure that the desired text file exists on your machine.

2. Open the spreadsheet in which you want to import text.

3. On the Ribbon, select the Data tab.

4. In the Get External Data group to the extreme left, click the From Text button.


The Import Text File dialog box is displayed.

5. Browse to the location of the text file and select it.

6. Click the Import button. The Text Import Wizard is displayed with the first step.

7. Select the suitable original data type.

8. Specify the row from which you want to import the data in the Start import at row spin box.

9. From the File origin combo box, select the suitable character set.

10. Click Next. Step 2 is displayed, which enables you to control the break lines in between the text.

11. Set the required field widths by moving the arrow lines in the Data preview list box. You can even add more lines by clicking at the required position.

12. Click Next. Step 3 is displayed, which enables you to select the column formats and advanced settings.

13. Ensure that the General option is selected in the Column data format section.

14. Click the Advanced button. The Advanced Text Import Settings dialog box is displayed.

15. Specify the Decimal and Thousands separators if they are not according to what you want.

16. Click OK.

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17. Click the Finish button. The Import Data dialog box is displayed.

18. Select the cell from where the data will be inserted in the spreadsheet.

19. Click OK. MS Excel will now retrieve the data into the spreadsheet from the text file.