Insert Audio Into Word 2007 Documents

Have you ever felt the need to insert audio in a Word document? Irrespective of what your answer is, let me tell you that it is fun to insert audio in Word 2007. This is mainly because there are different ways of adding an audio file to the document. You can either add an already existing audio file or insert a clipart sound file.

Insert Audio Into Word 2007 Documents

If you wish, you can even record your own sound and add it as a file to the document.

When you insert a sound file, MS Word 2007 embeds it in the document and a small link appears, which the reader must double-click to play. This means that MS Word 2007 not just inserts a link, but includes the full file in your document so that there is no need to share the document and the related audio file separately. We shall now look at the different ways of inserting audio into a Word 2007 document.

Adding An Existing Sound File

If you already have an existing sound file for your document, you can easily include it as an object. To do so, place the cursor at the required position, select the Insert tab, and click Object in the Text group.

adding sound file in word 2007

This will display the Object dialog box wherein you will have to select the Create from File tab.

create from file tab

Next, browse to the folder where the sound file is stored. Then, select the two check boxes namely, Link to file and Display as icon. The former one will reflect the changes that you might make later to the file stored on your PC, while the latter one shows the link in the document along with the icon.

change icon dialog box

Now, click the Change Icon button to open the Change Icon dialog box wherein you can change the icon and display name of the file. Now, close both the dialog boxes and you will see that the file is added with the icon where the cursor was placed. To play the file, you need to just double-click the icon after which the file will be played by the default audio player.

Adding A Clipart Sound File

This option is for those who are looking for some general sound clips such as clapping, birthday singing, or telephone ringing. To insert a sound file from the Clipart gallery, click ClipArt under the Illustrations group in the Insert tab.

adding clipart sound file

This will display the Clip Art pane that is docked on the right side. Now, enter the appropriate search text in the Search for text box, select the desired collections from the Search in drop-down box, and ensure that only the Sounds check box is selected in the drop-down list of Results should be.

drop-down box

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While selecting the collections, do consider Web collections, as selecting it would give you more results due to the presence of more than 100,000 free sounds online. Finally, click the Gobutton and you will view a list of audio files that matches with your search term.

searching sound files

Recording By Creating A New Audio File

If you have something to share with your audience, you can surely record your speech and embed it as an audio file. To do so, open the Object dialog box and select Wave Sound from the Object type list. Before clicking OK, you can select the Display as icon check box and click the Change Icon button to change the icon and display name.

Once you click OK, the icon gets added and the Sound Recorder window is displayed via which you can record your sound. Kindly note that you need a mic and a sound program like Sound Recorder. Fortunately, this program is already present in Windows operating system.

Note: Avoid adding long audio files to prevent your document from hanging up.