Install WordPress On Your Own Server With Softaculous

WordPress is a brilliant invention for those looking for publishing. It maybe free but it is absolutely priceless. When you are in a frame of mind to work with your blogging software instead of combating with it, you must go in for WordPress. If you are looking for a true content management system WordPress is the right kind of thing you should opt for.

Installing WordPress With Softaculous

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It not only manages content but it also is a free of charge and open source blogging tool. It is mainly based on PHP and MySQL. PHP was originally designed for the purpose of web development to produce forceful web pages. It is a general-purpose server-side scripting language.

How To Install WordPress Using Softaculous

Websites Which Host Downloading Of WordPress

Installing WordPress With Softaculous

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There are thousands of web hosts which host download of WordPress online. They even meet the WordPress minimum requirements. Softaculous, Blue host, dream host, media temple, laughing Squid are a few to name. In the following steps we would be guiding you as to how you can go about installing WordPress on your own server with Softaculous.

Visit Softaculous

Installing WordPress With Softaculous

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Visit the web host’s site and you would see a number of options available on the website. The first step is to clock on software/services. The moment you do so there would be a lot of alternatives to choose from. A whole list would be displayed in front of you in small thumbnails, Pick the WordPress script in the top 10 blogs section.

How To Install

Once you click on WordPress option on top 10 blogs click on install which is at the left hand side of overview.

Setting WordPress

WordPress is one of the supplest systems and allows its users to customize according to their needs. Its flexibility makes it different from the other source blogging tool. Since there is a great quantity of settings you may end up getting confused and the whole know-how can lead to an unsatisfactory experience.

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Installation Of WordPress

Installing WordPress With Softaculous

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After the installation gets over you need to enter some information about your blog or site. There would be a choose domain option on the top page. Enter description and name for your website in addition to administrative username, email and password. Once you enter your username and password you’d get a confirmation as to completion of your installation.

Protecting Your WordPress Website

It is a well-known fact that WordPress is one of the most trustworthy software packages available on the internet today but this does not essentially mean that it cannot be exploited. There are a few number of parts where exploits are visible and it is noteworthy for you to know what they are and how you can go with reference to fixing them.

Default admin name, plugins folder, WordPress version exploits are a very few to name. You should make an effort of getting acquainted with these exploits but don’t lose heart if you aren’t. In order to keep away from hackers getting into your blog site and unsettling it you must be aware of the various exploits.