Integrate Social Networks With Windows Live Messenger Beta

Integrating your Windows Live Messenger with social networking websites like Facebook offers you a great way to communicate with your contacts. It can be done faster with the latest Messenger beta. Here are the simple steps that will allow you access the latest Live Messenger.

Steps To Integrate Social Networks With Windows Live Messenger Beta

Install Windows Live Essentials Beta

Windows Live Messenger Beta

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Live Messenger latest version is available only when you download the new Windows Live Essentials beta. If you are already using Messenger, then it will get updated to the latest version.

Open Messenger By Signing In

After completing the installation process, go to Start menu to launch your new Live Messenger to check how it works. A setup progress indicator gets added up at the bottom.

Add Social Networks To Your Account

Go to Settings option of your Live Messenger to add Facebook, MySpace and other social networks. Once the beta version is released officially, all the networks will be available after you launch the application.

Note: You don’t need to add social networks if you already did it online through your Live account.

Choose To Connect With Facebook

Windows Live Messenger Beta

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As the social network Facebook has been added to your Messenger, you can now choose the option Connect with Facebook.

Set Your Preferences For Social Network Updates

Prioritize the kind of news feeds and updates you receive from Facebook. Try out selecting MSN news updates or any other similar feature such as Social Highlights.

Experience The Latest Social Messenger

After you set the preferences, you are now ready to have all the benefits and features of Windows Live Messenger. Get regular updates from Windows Live, MySpace, Facebook, and any other networks you may have included.

Update Your Status On All Networks At One Go

Posting messages to update others about your current status can be done on all the networks on your Messenger list in a single instance of time. Though the chat option is not yet available, commenting on the Facebook posts of your friends can be done.

Insert Multimedia Texts And Messages Faster

Windows Live Messenger

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Your new Live Messenger is capable of integrating your messages with various multimedia formats such as photos, videos and animations. This works exactly the same way as “Metro” interface available in Zune for PC and Windows Phone 7.

Access Photos Added By Your Facebook Contacts

Windows Live Messenger beta performs advanced functionalities such as photo viewing options. You can run a slideshow window for the photographs of your Facebook friends with various keys meant to access the photos in a flexible manner.

Retain The Features Of Old Messenger

Though you can access your Live Messenger beta version for multiple needs; the original feature that of chat is still available as if in the old one. All you need to do is to click on the top right corner button of your Messenger, which switches it to the compact view mode.

By following the above steps, you can put your Windows Live Messenger beta to best use besides accessing additional features as and when the updates are available.