Integrate Twitter With Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a part of the Microsoft office suite which is a personal information managing application. Microsoft Outlook can be used as stand-alone application but most corporations combine it with the Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint server.

With the conjunction of these three, the organizations have multiple users able to access mailboxes or folders, coordinate meetings, set calendars, exchange public folders and meeting schedules on the go with instantaneous and live updating facilities through secure servers.

Integrate Twitter With Microsoft Outlook

With online social networking slowly becoming the fabric connecting and influencing society, it has become a common practice to integrate popular networks with mainstream official applications or services so as to have a more comfortable as well as functional, not to mention trendy, life style.

Twitter is a social network service and a micro blogging service which enables users to send and read short posts, called Tweets, which can be up to 140 characters. It is unique in terms of its interface and character limitation of the posts, which reduces the clutter of the interface and enable users to be precise and thus functional in their posts. With its rapidly growing popularity it is justified to call it as SMS of the internet.

Twitter is among the ten most visited websites worldwide. Users who use Microsoft Outlook as their primary communication and organization tool would naturally prefer their Twitter accounts integrated into outlook. This would remove the necessity of logging onto a separate browser or device to post or read posts.

Using Twinbox

A good way to integrate Twitter with Microsoft outlook is through the Twinbox. Twinbox is a  powerful client of Twitter, which has a fully featured opening to the website at your finger tips with a click. Installing Twinbox would seamlessly integrate Twitter with Outlook, thus also enabling the Twitter newbie to transform into a business professional. Twinbox, formerly known as Out-Twit,   is compatible with Outlook 2003 and 2007 running on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Installing Twinbox is smooth and easy. All that needs to be done is to run the setup with Outlook closed.


Twinbox allows the users to send and receive the Twitter messages directly from the inbox without leaving Outlook. The following steps will easily enable the user to integrate Twitter into Outlook.

How to Install Twinbox Add in

Download Twinbox Add-in using search engines. Follow the online instructions to install the Add-in. Once it is installed, launch Outlook 2010 and click on New in the Twinbox section in the Home Bar. Use the dialogue box to configure your Twitter account. You can Create a folder to save all your Tweets.

Configure Twinbox to explore Twitter

Having configured your account, clicking on New on the Twinbox will now open the Tweets Dialogue Box where you can type your messages. Clicking on Tweets in the Twinbox section will let you see the received messages.


In fact, Out-Twit does more than just allowing you to update your Twitter status  without actually going to the Website. The Out-Twit  in the Twitter toolbar will show you more options that are close to what the Twitter website offers. Display Stats will show you the graph of your Twitter usage and the messages sent by your followers. Out-twit also enables in the search of keywords and find Tweets containing the keywords. Checking for new Twitters will also refresh your inbox before the original designated time, ensuring that you don’t forget your work while tweeting.