Integrate Your Tumblr Blog With Social Networks

Visitors are the essence of blogs without which a blogger cannot meet his or her aim of sharing links, videos, and experiences with the people across the world. So, the main task of the blogger is to fetch more and more number of people.

So, is there a solution better than integrating your blog with the social networks? Well, I don’t think so because social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are active social sites with millions of users.

Therefore, fetching the target users from these social networks for your blogs is surely an amazing idea. In this article, we shall look how to integrate a Tumblr blog with Facebook and Twitter.

Introduce Your Tumblr Posts On The Facebook Wall

How about making it convenient for the Facebook friends and relatives to see your posts without actually opening your Tumblr blog? Well, you can do so by publishing the Tumblr posts automatically on your Facebook wall. Here’s how to do so.

 Tumblr Blog With Social Networks

You need to first open the Customize page of your blog by navigating to the URL, Now, select the Services tab to display its drop-down menu. You will now see the Facebook box wherein you need to click setup for adding the blog to your Facebook account.

Next, you have to log on to your Facebook account and click Allow so that the Tumblr blog can access your account. Now, you will have to add Tumblr to your News Feed by entering your blog’s URL and clicking the Start importing this blog button.

tumblr blog

In case you are not using your own custom domain, enter. as the URL.

Tumblr blog’s address

This will open the Request for Permission wizard with Step 1 wherein you just have to click the Allow Publishing button for permitting Tumblr to post on the wall of Facebook.

Allow Publishing to approve Tumblr

Now, Step 2 is displayed wherein you have to allow Tumblr to access your wall as well as news feed by clicking the Allow Access button.

allow Tumblr to access

Lastly, in Step 3, click Allow to permit the Tumblr Facebook app to remember you forever for eliminating the re-approval process each time Tumblr accesses your wall.

Tumblr Facebook app

Finally, you will see a message stating that the Tumblr posts on your blog will be automatically fetched into Facebook via news feed. Now, try to post on Tumblr and you will see that the same post is visible on your Facebook wall.

Tumblr posts

However, in case of longer posts, you will have to click View Post to see the full content. By default, Tumblr posts are seen only on your personal wall, not on Fan pages.

click View Post

Convert Tumblr Posts Into Tweets

Twitter is a bit broader than Facebook in terms of diverse users. So, you might want to consider welcoming Twitter to your blog in Tumblr. To do so, open the Services tab as stated above, select the Send my Tumblr posts to Twitter check box, and sign into your Twitter account.

Tumblr Posts Into Tweets

Next, click Allow to connect your Tumblr blog with your Twitter account. Voila! Your new Tumblr posts will be automatically published as tweets on Twitter.

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Tumblr posts to Twitter

In case you do not want to share a specific post on Twitter, simply clear the Send to Twitter check box while creating it.

Tumblr Blog With Social Networks

Further, you can see Twitter updates in your dashboard itself. To do so, navigate to to open the Preferences page and select the Show Twitter updates in my main dashboard feed check box.

dashboard feed check box

However, this is feasible only if you are not following too many people on Twitter or else your dashboard will look much cluttered.

Integrate Your Tumblr Blog With Social Networks

If you have integrated any other social network into your Tumblr blog, kindly share it with us via comments. Let others also know that you are a real geek!