Keep Your Vista Desktop Clean With The Magic Folder

Having icons for each of your applications on your desktop might be a good idea for instant access. But, dealing with the problem when they get cluttered with every download is critical. You can now have access to Magic Folder that resolves the above problem with ease. That’s what Vista has got on offer for you.

In short, a Magic Folder allows you to drag files on your desktop working as a Windows Sidebar gadget. All that the folder does is that it sorts your downloaded files and places them into corresponding folders. This automated process will reflect the preferences mentioned by you. Follow the steps given below to manage files on your desktop and cleaning it.

Steps To Manage Files On Your Desktop

Adding The Magic Folder To Sidebar

Manage Files On Your Desktop

Include your Magic Folder after right-clicking on the Windows Sidebar. You will be prompted with an option “Add Gadgets” to choose. You can now drag the folder to either the sidebar or onto the desktop.

Ignore The Quick Start Screen

After including the Magic Folder, try accessing it. If you are using it for the first time, then a quick start screen appears. Leave the screen as it is and shift your focus towards the green button in the bottom by clicking on it.

Choose The Exact Kind Of Style For The Application

Manage Files On Your Desktop

Go to Settings of little wrench icon that can be seen to the next of the application. Navigate to Visual tab to set your preferred style. If you don’t like the default one, then choose “Magic” style.

Start Using The New Application

There is no need to configure the application. You can start using it instantly by dragging a file of your choice onto the magic folder. You will be requested to enter the “to” and “from” location details that which can be configured accordingly.

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Set The Confirmation Message

As soon as you are done with the dragging of a specific file, you need to click on the small green check button to confirm. The file will be moved to the new location. A confirmation will be sent as well, which you can prefer to turn off. Customize your list of folders

Go to the settings panel of the sidebar by right-clicking on it once. A list of folders will appear allowing you to customize after you click on Folders tab. You need to set your preferences according to the options available.

Choose The Appropriate Extension

Manage Files On Your Desktop

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Extensions tab in the Folders section is meant to sort the different files that you drag in. If no extension is chosen, then the file will be placed in the preset folders. Likewise, you can view that Documents folder consists of Word documents and text files.

Access The Watched Folder With More Features

Turning on “Watched Folder” allows you to sort your folders automatically. This way you will be able to access the required folders, which saves you the effort on creating new icons. Having this feature in Vista further enhances your system performance for sure.

Thus, the Magic folder ensures that your desktop is clean which in turn will increase the performance of your vista computer.