Keyboard Shortcuts For Facebook

Are you an enthusiastic user of Facebook? Well, then you will be happy to know that each of the several activities that you perform daily on this site can be done via keyboard as well.

Just like Windows, even Facebook has its own set of built-in keyboard shortcuts via which you can navigate through the site quickly and efficiently. This feature of Facebook is particularly useful for all those who find it quite time consuming to go through the pages, change settings, and manage messages. So, let us check out these keyboard shortcuts for Facebook now!

Before You Begin

Kindly bear in mind that the keyboard shortcuts will vary slightly as per the browser and operating system in use. In Windows, you will have to use Shift + Alt + Shortcut Key in Firefox instead of only Alt + Shortcut Key in Chrome and Alt+ Shortcut Key and then Enter in IE.

On the other hand, in Mac, the combination of Ctrl + Opt replaces Alt. Further, if the OS and browser combination is OSX and Firefox, your keyboard shortcut will be Function + CTRL + Shortcut Key, while for OSX + Other Browser; it will be Option + CTRL + Shortcut Key.

Let’s Begin!

Once you log on to Facebook, the built-in shortcuts will almost eliminate the need to use the blue Navigation bar. Yes, you need to only use the respective keyboard shortcut to access the corresponding option on the bar. For this article, I am considering Windows as the operating system.

Quick Access To Profile Page

To access your Profile page, simply press Alt + 2 if you are working in Chrome. In Firefox, it is Shift + Alt + 2; while in IE, it is Alt + 2 and Enter.

Quick Access To Search Box

If you want to search using the Search box, you need to just press Alt + ? if you are in Chrome or IE. However, in Firefox, this shortcut key changes to Shift + Alt + ?. This is a quite useful shortcut, as most of the Facebook users need to access this box quite often.

Quick Access To New Message Dialog

Another useful shortcut is Alt + M for opening the New Message dialog, which works fine in Chrome but not in IE. In Firefox, it changes to Shift + Alt + M. Similarly, if you want to open the Messages dialog, the keyboard shortcut is Alt + 4 in Chrome, Shift + Alt + 4 in Firefox, and Alt + 4 and Enter in IE.

Quick Access To Notifications

To open the Notifications dialog, just press Alt + 5 if you are in Chrome, Shift + Alt + 5 in Firefox, and Alt + 5 and Enter in IE.

Quick Access To Friend Requests

To open the Friend Request page, just press Alt + 3 if you are in Chrome, Shift + Alt + 3 in Firefox, and Alt + 3 and Enter in IE.

Quick Access To Home Page

To return to the Home page, just press Alt + 1 if you are in Chrome, Shift + Alt + 1 in Firefox, and Alt + 1 and Enter in IE.

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Quick Access To Settings

To open the Account page, just press Alt + 6 if you are in Chrome, Shift + Alt + 6 in Firefox, and Alt + 6 and Enter in IE. Similarly, for accessing the Privacy page, press Alt + 7.

Quick Access To Help Center

Alt + o is the shortcut for accessing the Facebook Help Center in Chrome. In Firefox, it is Shift + Alt + o; while in IE, it is Alt + o and Enter.

Note: Do not use the numeric keys on the Number pad of your keyboard, as they will not work.