Learn Ways on How to Dispose of Old Computer Video Cards

Gamers sure want to intensify those long hours of gaming sessions in order to make them even longer. With 3D gaming slowly yet steadily entering the scenario, one wants to lay their fingers on all.  Yes, games using the three dimensional technology isn’t something new anymore. All this is enabled by a circuit board known as the video card or say the graphics card. These cards have now become essential components of a computer that a gamer or technology enthusiast deems for. As we know, manufactures slip in new graphics card with each passing day, emerging with the latest technologies.

Consumers are well acquainted with the changing needs and look forward to boost their computing systems with newer graphics cards. However, when you upgrade your system to spruce its performance level, what about the older video card. New technological advancements often come at a price to be paid by the ecosystem.

So, surely, a graphics card can’t be simply thrown in the dustbin as it could be hazardous to the environment. We are well aware of the rising need for environmental friendly disposal of such components. Here are a few tips on how to Dispose of Old Computer Video Cards in an eco friendly manner.


When you plan to upgrade your PC with a high-end graphics card, the older one can always be sold to the retailer or likewise. Before purchasing the new card, you can find out if it would come for a discount on exchanging the older one. There are other ways of selling it and consumers can take utmost help of the Internet. You can find out the varying local e-shops that would help sell your graphics cards.

Give away:

You can always show off your philanthropic side by simply donating the graphics card instead of selling it. We are sure there will be several takers, if not buyers. Spread the word through friends and you may find a needy taker, looking to upgrade his/her computing system.


Safeguarding the environment is the need of the hour and just keeping this in mind, there are several recycling programs conducted by retailers, manufacturers and even people. These programs are often free of charge. Some recyclable programs are just a phone call away and the component is even picked from your house.

Social Networks:

With millions of people connected through social networks, you can always spread the word about your graphics card through these sources. Updating your Facebook status or simply tweeting about the availability for purchase or just give away your card. In fact, you may just get more than one buyer/taker. Social networks are almost like spreading it through word of mouth.


If you plan to get your family member or dear one a new PC assembled then simply storing the component and then reusing it would work just fine. This way, you can reuse the graphics card after storing it well for a considerable period of time.
So, if plan to upgrade your PC with a new graphics card then these tips could prove to be handy on how to dispose of old computer video cards.