Lock The Screen While In Full-Screen Mode In Windows Media Player

Imagine a terrible situation wherein your computer gets messed up because somebody else accessed your system while you are away. This is one instance that commonly happens while you are listening music by setting Windows Media Player to full screen mode.

If you would like to deny permission of accessing your system by others, then you have the option of locking the screen. This will ensure that your system settings remain the same and your confidential data too is out of access to others.

Windows Media Player (WMP) provides you with advanced features such as locking your screen besides providing you with an interface that is still usable. This feature works out for you as the system will allow you to listen to your favorite tracks or view videos while the screen is still locked. Here are a series of simple steps given to provide you with the option of enabling screen lock while you use Windows Media Player.

Steps To Lock The Screen While In Full-Screen Mode In Windows Media Player

Choose Full-Screen Mode For WMP

Lock The Screen With WMP

Locking your computer screen can now be accomplished by opening WMP in full-screen mode. You will be able to locate a small icon, which is available towards the right side of the screen in the bottom.

Place Cursor On The Icon To Click

Lock The Screen With WMP

Making changes to your media player is possible after you access the small icon. You can open it by clicking, which opens a textbox. Enter your PIN in the space provided. Complete the task by clicking on the green checkbox as well.

Note: The PIN provided to you should be kept private and confidential. Sharing the PIN with others will make the feature useless. However, you can selectively grant permission to other users whom you would like to share with. This feature will work best in a multi-user environment. You can even restrict access to your computer in the case of children.

Lock Your Screen Successfully

Lock The Screen With WMP

You can now observe that your screen is successfully locked. Try accessing your Windows keys or Alt-Tab keys and you will find that pressing them won’t cause any change while you can still view Windows Media Player running your selections like before.

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Close Screenshot Software Before Locking

If you are using screenshot application such as SnagIt, then it is suggested to close it first and then enable the locking process. This has to be performed in order to avoid any interruptions caused by the software while your system is in screenshot mode.

By following the above steps, you will be able to lock screen successfully avoiding unauthorized access of your system.


Close all the other programs before locking your computer screen except WMP. This is to avoid losing any unsaved data or corruption of system files. Always, lock the screen by going to the full-screen mode.

Install the latest updates for WMP from Microsoft in order to optimize the performance of your player. For instance, you can choose advanced skin modes. In the case of video streaming, you can improve the quality of videos with security by choosing automatic updates option.