Make Excel 2007 Read Spreadsheets To You

Have you ever thought of MS Excel speaking to you? Well, by this, I mean to ask you that how of hearing the values in the cells after you select them? Sounds interesting, right? Even more interesting is the news that MS Excel 2007 offers you this speech utility.

So now, instead of straining your eyes to know which value in the cells of a spreadsheet corresponds to which entity, make Excel to do this task for you by speech. Let us now explore this utility now!

Problem: There Is Somebody Who Cannot See 100% Clearly

Let us assume that you work in an IT company as a Manager. You have a team of 10 people with whom you have to finish a new project in just two months. To meet the project requirements on time, you will have to track daily efforts, rework time, and hours spent in the office in 2007 Excel sheets.

Now, your Team Leader is supposed to manage these sheets. Unfortunately, in an accident, he injured his eyes, due to which he is temporarily unable to see clearly, which is affecting his productivity and accuracy of data in the spreadsheets. Therefore, you are looking for a solution for this problem.

Solution: Let Excel Read Spreadsheets

MS Excel can read the entire spreadsheet for you. So, if you have problem in your vision or find it difficult to compare a long list, you can seriously take the full advantage of its Speak Cells utility. Sadly, not many of us are aware of this new feature of MS Excel 2007. This utility is even more appealing to the visually impaired people who really have to struggle quite hard to read or compare.

Implement The Solution: Add The Speak Cells Command To The Quick Access Toolbar

By default, MS Excel 2007 does not show the Speak Cells command anywhere on the interface. So, you have to start by adding the command on the Quick Access toolbar. Here are the steps to make Excel read spreadsheets for anybody.

1. Right-click the blank area near the tabs on the Ribbon. A shortcut menu is displayed.

2. Select the Customize Quick Access Toolbar option. The Excel Options dialog box is displayed with the Customize option selected in the left pane.

3. On the right side, from the Choose commands from combo box, select the All Commands option.

4. Scroll down until you see the commands starting with Speak.

5. Select Each command one by one and add them to the list on the right.

6. Click OK to close the Excel Options dialog box. The commands are added on the Quick Access toolbar.

7. Select the cells that you want Excel to read.

8. In case of row selection, click the Speak Cells by Rows button, while for column selection; click the Speak Cells    by Columns button.

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9. Click the Speak Cells button. Finally, MS Excel begins to read the values in the selected columns or rows.

10. Click the Stop Speaking Cells button if you want to stop it.

It is obvious that you need speakers for this work. Further, if you want Excel to speak as soon as you press Enter, click the Speak Cells on Enter button. After this, directly start typing a value and press Enter to hear what you have entered. This can aid in correcting any error or wrong value.