Make Gmail The Default Mail Client For Mailto Links In Google Chrome

While browsing the Internet, you must have come across several mailto links so that you can send emails to the intended recipients. Usually, clicking a mailto link opens up your default mail client that is MS Outlook in most cases. However, what if a Gmail Compose window appears directly in Chrome instead of the Outlook window?

It is just the matter of making Gmail the default mail client. If this is what you want, get to know the magical extension now!

send from gmail extension

Discovering The Send From Mail Extension

This extension makes Gmail the default mail client due to which clicking a mailto link or an email ID directly results in opening a Gmail Compose tab wherein the To field is already populated with the address.

In addition, the extension offers the standard Gmail button for opening the Compose window directly and writing an instant message for sharing a link. The good news is that in case of sharing a link, the Compose window is automatically populated with the subject in the Subject field and link along with any selection on the link page in the message area. So, you only need to focus on the To field.

Getting The Send From Mail Extension

This cute extension is available at the URL, When you will open the page to make Gmail the default mail client, you will see the typical ADD TO CHROME button that is available for all Chrome extensions.

send from gmail

This means that the procedure of adding the Send From Mail extension is the standard one: click the blue button, click the Install button in the Confirm Installation dialog, the .crx file gets downloaded, and a message indicating about installation of extension finally appears on the toolbar. The only change you will see is the Gmail red icon that now appears on the toolbar. That’s it! You can now explore the options of the extension for customization.

send from gmail chrome extension

Exploring The Built-in Options

To view the built-in options, right-click the Gmail icon on the toolbar and select Options. This will display the Options for Send from Gmail page in a new tab. Now, you can set the domain name of your account related to the Google Apps and a prefix of your choice for the Subject field.

send from gmail options

The latter option is for adding text of your choice before the automatically inserted subject line in the Subject field and is available only for sharing a link with someone. If you set anything on this page, ensure that you click the Save button.

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Using The Send From Mail Extension

Simply open a Web page that contains a mailto link and click that email address. You will see that the Compose window of your Gmail automatically opens in a new window with the recipient name in the To field.

using send from mail extension

This means that you only have to focus on composing the message. Now, notice the difference by opening a Web page whose link you want to share and clicking the red Gmail icon on the toolbar.

Warning: This extension does not work on the Chrome Web Store pages.