Make Mini Formatting Toolbar Stop Popping Up In Word 2007

Have you just switched to Word 2007? So, how do you feel about its new feature namely the mini formatting toolbar? It seems to be a very useful feature, as it pops up as soon as you select a letter or a word to enable quick formatting. Alternatively, it also appears when you right click on any piece of text without selecting it.

Although this is quite useful, it can be a nuisance at the same time. For example, if you are selecting the text or sentence for moving it instead of formatting it, the mini formatting toolbar can accidentally result in formatting the text that you need to shift. So, isn’t it a pain to have a mini toolbar in such a situation?

Moreover, if you want to format the text, it will just take a second more to access the Ribbon in Word 2007. Therefore, why not get rid of this mini toolbar that automatically shows up after every selection? Let us check about how to get rid of this toolbar in Word 2007.

Problem: Popping Mini Formatting Toolbar Is Making My Job Difficult

Let us assume that you are appointed as a Technical Writer by an IT company. On the very first day, you are chosen as the manual writer for completing a new project. You are given the task of writing a user manual for a desktop application. Now, to create this manual, you are using Word 2007. You have almost done half of the manual.

However, you come to know that the application has undergone a major change in the flow. Due to this, you now have to change the flow of your manual. You are already a bit irritated to hear about the rework. The change would involve shifting the headings, paragraphs, and a few sentences. While you are doing so, you realized that the mini formatting toolbar is popping up every time you select the text for moving.

You then end up making the text bold due to unintentional mouse click, which is something that you don’t want. Now, you have to again go back and remove the formatting of the selected text. You are even more irritated to do this rework. So, is there a solution for this?

Solution: Stop The Automatic Popping Up Of The Mini Formatting Toolbar

If you are cursing Microsoft for its approach towards the behavior of the mini formatting toolbar in Word 2007, it’s time that you should stop doing so. This is because it has given you the option to stop the toolbar to pop up automatically whenever you select a piece of text. By doing so, it will only appear when you right click anywhere on the text present in the body of a page.

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Implement The Solution: The Word Options Dialog Box Allows Changing The Default Setting Related To The Mini Formatting Toolbar

When it comes to changing any default setting in Word 2007, it becomes necessary to access the Word Options dialog box. Here are the steps to stop the mini formatting toolbar from popping up on every selection.

1. Open MS Word.

2. Click the Microsoft Office button.

3. Click the Word Options button. The Word Options dialog box appears.

4. On the right side, clear the Show Mini Toolbar on selection check box.

5. Click OK.