Make VLC Player Look Like Windows Media Player 11

VLC Media Player is capable of playing media of almost any format. Being an open source application, it is the ideal media client across various platforms. Installing it in either Linux or Windows will offer you with great performance aspects as well. Besides, it ensures the users of being able to download various skins providing a trendy look. In fact, you can even make it appear the same way as Windows Media Player 11.

Customizing VLC Media Player to look like Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) can be performed easily with the below mentioned steps. Users will be able to listen to their favorite music without having to bother about the looks anymore. Before attempting to choose the desired skin mode, it is better to ensure that the latest version of VLC Media Player has been downloaded.

Steps To Make VLC Player Look Like Windows Media Player 11

Download WMP11 skin

Download WMP11 skin

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Make your VLC Media Player appear like WMP11 by downloading a skin with the same name “WMP11” (exclude the quotes). Though the skin reflects WMP11 in looks and features, it is not exactly the same.

Steps For Installation On Ubuntu Linux

installation on Ubuntu Linux

Press Alt+F2 to open a new dialog box. Then, type “vlc -I skins2” in it (without the quotes). Then, choose the mode for installing new skins. Now, opt for “Select Skin / Open Skin” by right-clicking on Title bar. After this, select the exact file to download WMP11 for your player.

By implementing the above steps, you should be able to set the desired skin for your media player.

Steps For Installation On Windows

installation on Windows

Click on “Start” menu to choose “Programs” group. Navigate to the “VLC media player (skins)” option from there. Choose the desired skin from the given VLC options. Now, select “Select Skin / Open Skin” with a right-click on Title bar. Opt for the exact skin (WMP11) which you prefer to set for your player.

After implementing the above steps, you will be able to get the exact kind of feel and look that you would have got by a Windows Media Player 11.


Set your VLC Media Player open for any latest updates to have the advantage of advanced features of the kind of media software you look forward to.

Before choosing any specific skin, go through the features available online. Always choose a skin that is close to your personal preferences.

By opting to download VLC for your media playing requirements, you adhere to the terms and policies of the software group.

WMP11 is just a skin type provided by VLC and cannot be considered as a feature-rich software application on par with Windows Media Player 11.

Turn your other computer applications off to provide your computer a safe means before downloading the media player or any of its updates.

Getting automatic updates is possible as and when available to let you choose from the latest skins to reflect your requirements.

Following the above steps and suggestions for Linux and Windows will let you choose your chosen skin similar to that of WMP11.