Make Windows XP Shut Down Faster

Windows XP offers many annoyances such as system beeps, delayed shut down, and slow startup. In this article, we will take a look on how to make Windows XP shut down faster. If you are suffering from this annoyance of Windows XP, you will surely find this article beneficial. Therefore, kindly read on.

All those who are working on Windows XP often complain of slow shut down. Sometimes, when we are in a hurry, it seems as Windows XP is infinitely waiting for its closure, which is even more irritating. Typically, in this process of Windows XP shut down, there are some applications that are hung for no less than 20 seconds due to which the Windows XP has to wait more.

Therefore, one of the solutions to this problem is to reduce the hang time of these applications. Are you eager to know all such possible solutions for making your windows XP shut down faster? Let us check them out now!

Disable The Needless Startup Services

During shut down, Windows XP has to terminate not only the programs, but also services. Therefore, more services means more shut down time. As a solution, you need to prevent the unwanted services to run at startup. To do so, click Start --> Run, enter services.msc in the Run dialog box, and click OK.

This will open the Services window with a list of services. Now, just double click an unwanted service to open its Properties dialog box, select Disabled from the Startup type drop-down list, and click OK. Repeat the same steps for other services as well. Finally, restart your computer.

Reduce The Shut Down Procedure To Single Click

Right-click on desktop and click New --> Shortcut to open the Create Shortcut wizard. Next, enter SHUTDOWN -s -t 01 in the Type the location of the item text box, click Next, enter a desired shortcut name, and click Finish.

You will see a shortcut on your desktop.

Auto-kill The Tasks By Using Registry Editor

Open the Registry Editor my entering regedit in the Run dialog box. Next, go down to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop, locate and double-click AutoEndTasks, enter 1 in the Value data text box, and click OK.

This will now not allow Windows XP to ask you for ending a process during the shutdown.

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Decrease The Wait Time Of Windows XP

To reduce the waiting time before killing or terminating the open applications, you need to use the Registry Editor and browse again to the above mentioned location. Now, there are two values that you need to change namely, WaitToKillAppTimeout and HungAppTimeout to 1000. Now, browse to HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop and change the value of the WaitToKillAppTimeout and HungAppTimeout to 1000.

To reduce the waiting time before terminating the running services, browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control and change the value of WaitToKillServiceTimeout to 1000.

If you implement any one of these ways, you might not notice a huge change in the Windows XP shut down time. Therefore, you need to employ all the above ways to make the Windows XP shut down faster.

Tip: It is quite risky to edit the system’s registry due to which it is highly desirable to take its backup before making any change to it.